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... Wow.... honestly I feel for you. The truth is - this is sooo not something someone can advise you on. Or at least definitely not something I could advise you on. Now that you have the baby bug I have to wonder if it's something that would ever go away (odds are you would be able to find someone you care for... lots of men out there - but some wouldn't agree with me on that). ... (9 replies)
How to forgive?
Jun 19, 2006
... I think it is unfair for you to make the assumption that I am trying to "win." This was not an argument for which I was trying to get others to agree with my side. I was simply stating that hearing such words from someone who you love and trust is hurtful. I do realize people make mistakes and I have of course forgiven him. I was only seeking advice on how to let it go. And... (12 replies)
... I don't know the specifics of your relationship with the man who is now married...I don't know how badly and in what ways he hurt you. ... (300 replies)

... Sorry some of the advice wasn't helpful, but I think littlerose gave you some great feedback, and hopefully by now you're feeling a little more comfortable with the situation. I do think you're better off not reading into this too much, for your own peace of mind more than anything else, but I certainly didn't mean to sound like you were overreacting. If anything, I think... (113 replies)
... ings it up once in a while that she's made a huge sacrifice for me and I agree with her, but I made her promise me that if she stayed with me she wouldn't hold a grudge against me. I think she's pretty much over it now, but I know it still hurts her from time to time. ... (7 replies)
People Lying
Nov 8, 2004
... I know what it's like to have someone trying to break up your relationship with lies. You have to ask yourself, what reason does D have to tell you that your boyfriend smokes pot behind your back? ... (8 replies)
Mr. Nice Guy
Oct 27, 2004
... arguement in a new one, and both of us are very good at letting things go. We both see the big picture and know not to sweat the little things. Our marriage and relationship is the most important thing and we never loose sight of that. Regardless of what issues come up. ... (43 replies)
... What she's feeling is quite normal and everyone who has been through a recent let down or a break up of a long term relationship is feeling a bit jaded for a while and wonders if the entire opposite sex is like the person who hurt them. It's normal and it's temporary. ... (41 replies)
... In relationship when we deeply love someone we go back because we think to ourselves that they wouldn't hurt us again. ... (45 replies)
... is often a good way of clearing your head and getting into divorce procedures with a level head as opposed to in a rage, you have time to digest and get over the relationship instead of stating unreasonable demands because you still bear a very fresh grudge. ... (21 replies)
... Every couple goes through that 'adjustment period' after a fight. Trying to find your footing again after a tiff is normal. Just as long as you aren't holding a grudge for an unhealthy amount of time and also does the 'punishment fit the crime'. ... (6 replies)
... I think it's natural to feel envious when someone else is achieving success that you want to achieve for yourself, but if you want this relationship to work you're going to have to keep the envy down and instead encourage your partner and display your pride in him. ... (8 replies)
Facebook problem
Nov 2, 2012
... Thanks for the feedback from everyone. However, I do not have a problem with a person. I don't know this person, never met them, and do not live within a hundred miles of this person. So it would be sort of hard to be stalked on the street. Not knowing the person, and knowing they shouldn't have an interest like this in my life is what makes it very scary. They seem... (19 replies)
... Well, I think that your GF is totally out of line. This is something that happened how many years ago? She dug for dirt from years ago and found exactly what she was looking for. She is not a police detective and this is not a murder investigation for goodness sakes. I could see if it happened more recently, but early on in your years-long relationship, well that is just... (29 replies)
... used to do drugs. I am just screwed. I feel like I can't even stick up for myself because she holds all the cards, and she has such a bad temper and can hold a grudge for years. ... (12 replies)
... It comes down to open communication and compromise. If you have 2 people in a relationship and either of them perceives that they are the only one who ever compromises while the other always gets their way, it won't ever work. ... (10 replies)
... She told me she has an "evil" side and she doesn't want to show it to me. She said she has found that in all of her relationships it's been her fault b/c of her issues. She said if you ask her to name her positive attributes she would only name negatives. These are just little things she's said to me here and there. I have only so far, till last night, seen a very... (31 replies)
... Honestly? The state of mind I'm in right now (4 months out from a breakup of a tortuous 4 year relationship) I'm not in the mood to put up with any guy's guff. Now, I'm not saying you gave her guff...but my patience is pretty low right now. She may be thinking "I don't need any grief, and this guy doesn't seem that into me, so forget it". If I were you, I WOULD call,... (31 replies)
... First off I'd like to say never tell your mother off or be disrespectful to her in any way even showing your gumption never be disrespectful to her no matter how much she dispoints you or hurts your feelings. If you want a lifetime fued with her then yes thats the way to go. What I suggest...> being that you understand your mom is over protective with you, you know how... (16 replies)
... A couple days ago, I asked my mother if I could go visit a friend back in CollegeTown (I graduated about a month ago). Friend offered to come here and get me, so it's not like my mother would have to spend any money getting me there. I anticipated a 'no', so when she said just that, I wasn't upset. What did upset me was being lectured for a half an hour on two separate days... (16 replies)

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