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... Oh my gosh Karen, sounds almost exactly like me. I know exactly how you are feeling. I've been separated now for two months. My husband also wants me back but only for his own happiness, not mine. My husband is also a good man but he also had his hobbies at the expense of me. ... (2 replies)
... I separated from my husband. Don't say guilt is killing me. Say I am sorry, but I have to move on with my life. Or something that doesn't make you feel stuck. ... (29 replies)
... I wouldn't have wanted me to leave either. He had it maid, pun intended. I made all his doctor appointments, paid all the bills, everything but mow the grass. ... (29 replies)

... Many people may claim they can live without guilt, but to me they are basically denying their human nature. Anyway, no extreme is healthy enough. ... (29 replies)
... no. He was happy. I would have at least appreciated an apology for the lies he told me and how he used me, but actually, looking back, I'm not sorry he didn't come back to me. ... (29 replies)
... and accept it, and that would be a real real shame. Don't blow this blessing by convincing yourself you don't deserve it for the sake of indulging in feelings of guilt so that you can stay put and stay in the familiar and in your comfort zone and not have to change or grow yourself. ... (29 replies)
... I don't know if I have much advice for you. But I wanted to say that I understand what that guilt feels like. It will make you go back to someone you don't truly love. The guilt hurts so darn bad it can ruin everything good trying to happen to us. ... (29 replies)
... therefore, it is hard to say how much of your guilt is warranted. In most cases like this, however, it is "natural" for people to feel guilty. ... (29 replies)
... body whose jaw would drop when they heard all the things I did for him. We were in a house together that needed repairs and he did so very little and only after me nagging him. This is a 50 year old man who plays video games on every spare minute he is not at work. ... (29 replies)
... As far as your husband goes... he has to work. Your guilt is allowing him to take advantage of the situation. I know how bad it is to lose someone but he has to move on... he has to work and restart his life. ... (29 replies)
... I thought that this is what I wanted. Now I am so racked with guilt over completely destroying my husband. He lost his job and cannot make the house payment. I am paying all the bills for both the house and my apartment. ... (29 replies)
... free happiness. Maybe because I've always put others first, me last. Make sure everyone else is happy, warm, fed, and taken care of. It was enough for a long time because I didn't know any better. ... (29 replies)
... solutely could not and still can not go back to being all by myself. So we live together now, and my emotional problems have still increased. My shrinks have put me on such strong drugs that they have ruined my mind and body. I am in the process of getting off of them as we speak. ... (4 replies)
... Have you considered that alongside your guilt is normal honest grief for the death of your marriage? ... (29 replies)
... ou gave far too much of yourself to get nothing in return. The saddest thing is that you stuck it out as long as you did. You deserve to put you first. If the guilt is really eating at you then I suggest you seek some counselling to deal with it WITHOUT him as well. ... (29 replies)
... maybe i don't have solid evidence but there is a chance because the day we conceived was the day she lied to me and went to a place where i didn't want her to go my story is in one of my posts but yah its bugging me because she is really detached and distant from me and hurting me allot so i am trying to forget about it but yah that day will always sit in my head till i can... (19 replies)
... Okay... Me n' my boyfriend love eachother very very very much. ... (53 replies)
... husband told me that I wouldn't last 5 minutes without him because he was convinced I didn't know how to take care of myself. ... (29 replies)
... His crying or your crying? Either way, not good. Rae, this guy is NOT healthy at all. What's going on with him is beyond your average depression. He's ill. He might be bipolar, it might be something else, I don't know, but the time to break off your ties to this man is now before he makes you any sicker. He's in serious, SERIOUS denial. Next time he wants to "drop something... (29 replies)
... As I said...after 25 years, he's not going to change...heck, he can't even pretend to change!:( (29 replies)

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