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... I left my husband after 25 years. The reasons are many, we've had some trouble for the last 10. I reconnected with an old male best friend and unfortunately, had an affair. ... (29 replies)
... do to find happiness. I could not honestly say I ever really loved him if I would begrudge him his happiness. I think the same is true for your husband. If your husband wants you back more than he wants to see you HAPPY, then he doesn't really love you. ... (29 replies)
... got pregant, had my daughter may of '99 and married september of "99. continued to go to full time school, and went straight to college after high school. my husband on the other hand was not as ambitious as i was, and held on to under paid, non insured employment up to this point. ... (9 replies)

... marriage and was planning on leaving his wife and i still loved my husband though not in the way i did when we first married, we have had many ups and downs, my husband was a man who had obsessive hobbies and these had caused financial problems and arguments over the years. ... (2 replies)
... even though your husband is a horrible man for the way he treats you and you know this, don't let the guilt trips send you back to him. He is going to try and tell you EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO HEAR..then a week later it'll go back to being the same way it was before. ... (22 replies)
... Love the smell of pine and cookies and cinn. candles... you get the idea. Everything about it just makes me feel good. So leaving home the week before Christmas to go camping is even less appealing because I have to leave my decor and cozy winter atmosphere behind. ... (3 replies)
... s while still with dad. i think if you have any respect for you and your family you first have to get out and then do whatever you want but don't do it with your husband in the house, that's a disgrace. ... (8 replies)
... est letter ever, and the most hurtful. She told him over and over not to tell me about her and his father being in contact since he and I were engaged and how my husband told her every aspect of our marriage, all our fights, problems and even my issues between my son and I when I was still intergrating into the family. ... (18 replies)
... I tend to agree with Solofelix. Maybe you shouldn't have come back, but since you have, now stay for a while and see what comes next. Leaving now again would perhaps bring you even more guilt and it would make you come across as 'crazy'. ... (10 replies)
... and how he acted during many of our "interventions". He would get down right angry, then play the guilt trip on us. It used to make me feel bad, and I second guessed myself after every confrontation because he made me feel so bad. ... (21 replies)
... e and I have mentioned divorce in the past. My middle sister recently got an ugly divorce and now lives with new boyfriend. Whenever i go over their apartment my husband thinks they are filling my head about leaving my marriage. There are lots of things that are wrong with it. ... (13 replies)
... all of you for your thoughtful words. I am taking all of it to heart. I already know I don't want to go back to my husband. I just can't seem to get past what my leaving is doing to him. ... (29 replies)
... In your second sentence you say the reasons are many. There must have been something(s) very wrong with your marriage which allowed you to fall in love with someone else. You left him for those reasons and assuming they weren't things that could be changed, don't feel guilty for leaving. (29 replies)
... I know you're right Destea. I need to put my guilt aside, but I have always been one to feel guilty about and appologize for everything. ... (24 replies)
... No, unfortunately I did not. I did the whole "threatenting to leave" thing if he didn't change that fell on deaf ears. Then he would threaten to take our daughter if I left. I was very scared of him and what he might have done, but I did finally do it. Then he put on a great act and I got sucked into the back and forth game for too long before I finally ended it for good. ... (22 replies)
... if he had felt a little responsibility toward me as a fellow human being who cared about him. But I DON'T hold him responsible for how I handled, and handle, his leaving me. many people on these boards hammered me on the head about how awful I was being, how I was making him out to be this awful evil person. ... (56 replies)
... I've been with my husband for 7 years. I love him madly. We have a good relationship, we're friends, we laugh together, we cry together, you get the idea. ... (9 replies)
... just decency. i'm not saying go through councilling etc, but a simple, i'm leaving you, i've been hurt, it didn't work out face to face is what i'm suggesting. no need to draw it out. ... (41 replies)
... husband. You say you have a wonderful husband and you blame him from everything. That is a bit contradictory, isn't it? ... (14 replies)
Where to begin...
May 24, 2006
... lize that it's over, how can he like living this way, and why he may not truly be "acting". I don't want crazyasthewind to carry around anger believing that her husband intentionally "manipulated" her all these years when she has enough anger already from the things he has REALLY done. ... (9 replies)

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