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... a student, wife, mom, and i work two jobs. i feel i need to talk to someone that could not be bias for knowing me or my situation. i will start by giving a recap of my life. i was an honor student with all the athletics and academics behind me in high school. i got with my huband, age 19, when i was 15. ... (9 replies)
... I know you're right Destea. I need to put my guilt aside, but I have always been one to feel guilty about and appologize for everything. ... (24 replies)
Mid life crisis?
Dec 7, 2004
... th you that saving a marriage, especially when there are children involved, is the first and the BIGGEST thing you should attempt. However, i only have the side of the story that you're presenting, but it sounds like you husband is trying to get you to cut him loose. ... (34 replies)

... man we deeply, sincerely loved but who didn't love us back, and no matter who shattered we are, they don't even look back. Men are so much better at taking care of themselves and doing what makes them happy than women are. I don't know why that is, but it seems to be the truth. ... (29 replies)
... I left my husband after 25 years. The reasons are many, we've had some trouble for the last 10. I reconnected with an old male best friend and unfortunately, had an affair. ... (29 replies)
... just decency. i'm not saying go through councilling etc, but a simple, i'm leaving you, i've been hurt, it didn't work out face to face is what i'm suggesting. no need to draw it out. ... (41 replies)
... marriage and was planning on leaving his wife and i still loved my husband though not in the way i did when we first married, we have had many ups and downs, my husband was a man who had obsessive hobbies and these had caused financial problems and arguments over the years. ... (2 replies)
... making seems silly and unnecessary at this point, and realistically, it doesn't sound like there's any way her husband will even want to smooth things over and part on good terms right after she says she's leaving. ... (41 replies)
... You are a wonderful daughter, sister, aunt, and wife to think about and feel the pain of those that are part of your life. ... (4 replies)
... I agree that you should stop being so hard on yourself. You have not made a mess of things. You've just realized you are married to the wrong man. It happens every single day. It is NOTHING to beat yourself up over. It just means you're human. ... (41 replies)
... even though your husband is a horrible man for the way he treats you and you know this, don't let the guilt trips send you back to him. He is going to try and tell you EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO HEAR..then a week later it'll go back to being the same way it was before. ... (22 replies)
... I have times with my husband all the time like you had last night with your bf. I love my husband and I enjoy his company. I really do. That's what makes it so hard. ... (14 replies)
... our 2 week Honeymoon in Thailand 2 weeks ago, we bought a new home in August so we're finally getting it settled into and set up since the wedding took up a lot of our time when we'd first moved in. ... (3 replies)
... not leaving my dad because she doesn't believe in divorce or at least never thought it would happen to her and also because she would blame herself for the rest of her life, that's just the way she is. ... (8 replies)
... It's clear you're very confused. Perhaps some professional counseling can help you sort things out. The only thing you've said about your current husband is that "he's sweet sometimes." You say you argue all the time, he cheats on you and you even hit, punch, slap each other or other physical confrontations. ... (9 replies)
... girlfriend. I am ashamed to say I went balistic instead of asking him about it. We got in a yelling match etc. then when we calmed down he said he wouldn't contact her anymore. ... (18 replies)
... y you will never do it again, you have to figure out why you did it in the first place, and then deal with THAT. You say you would never do anything to hurt your husband or kids, but obviously, you would. what you have to work on is why? ... (38 replies)
... and how he acted during many of our "interventions". He would get down right angry, then play the guilt trip on us. It used to make me feel bad, and I second guessed myself after every confrontation because he made me feel so bad. ... (21 replies)
... Its now two months since i've been married. I have only one piece of advice to give to those in a similar situation.... ... (54 replies)
... I think my husband cannot stay faithful because he has cheated before and he has big ego problem even though he is successful. He doesn't think there is anything wrong with it. ... (67 replies)

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