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... If so, in my opinion, there's no turning back from that. In my eyes, the relationship would've been over the second she told you that. It's one thing to have a crush, but to be in love with someone else is much more serious. ... (16 replies)
... which was extremely heavy manual labor, and moved back in with us. Yesterday, my husband and I had a huge blow up over my son "not contributing to the household" "needs to get a place of his own" and does nothing around the house. ... (3 replies)
... personal stuff, and not from the mutual friend, for having talked trash about me, breaking confidences, putting me in the middle of his own relationship drama, cheating on and trashing my best friend's little sister, which contributed to the ending of my 20 year friendship with her, nothing. ... (80 replies)

How Do I Forgive?
Feb 26, 2008
... the only way to get over it is to kick his cheating butt to the curb...... ... (28 replies)
... I can completely relate to your story. I cheated on my husband before we got married ... had a good 12 years ... then started all over again. ... (9 replies)
... Oh ok I was thinking maybe thats what you was up I'm glad to hear you have a loving realtionship with your hubby. I was just curious tho as to why you even had thought about having an outside affair? as for as you not acting on it it could be all the things you mention but in all reality your the only one that can anwser that trufully. someone once... (29 replies)
... cheated on my husband. I've never had any reason or evidence to think that my husband has cheated on me either. The question was posed to help me firgure out the cheating phenomenon in general but also because I am trying to figure out the authenticity behind the person who claims to have turned over a new leaf. ... (29 replies)
... Ouch! Looks like Jim has been caught redhanded there. If that's his personal phone I couldn't imagine what his work one is like. I think I would be pretty pissed if my husband claimed to have no time to talk to me at work but could call her on his way home or whenever. Oh nikki! I would be feeling the same thing you are hon! Honestly, something isn't adding... (86 replies)
I need help...
Oct 11, 2006
... time. Whenever I'm not working or in school I take the baby everywhere with me. He somehow has this crazy idea that I'm cheating on him or doing other things I shouldn't be, which both are not true. Trying to convince him is a lost cause. ... (13 replies)
... and that you don't get jumped all over here... ... (71 replies)
... Your husband and this "best friend" will forever have to live with the guilt of doing something so outrageously wrong and hurtful to someone close to them. ... (61 replies)
... i thought i wanted to but now I feel so guilty its horrible. I did only kiss her but its the first time i have ever cheated on anyone and im feeling the pain and guilt so much. ... (25 replies)
Mar 27, 2006
... ad and I do believe that you believe that you've changed but what I believe will happen is if you do somehow manage to get what you want again, you'll go back to cheating on her once you've gotten her back to being yours. That's JMHO... ... (21 replies)
... d be the worst thing you could ever do... If it were me and this happened I wouldn't care how long it had been but if I ever found out about it later it would be over right then and there, I don't know if he is going to forgive you or not, but I can almost guarantee you this if he finds out about it later he won't be able to.. ... (53 replies)
Did i cheat?
May 11, 2005
... If you were broken with your boyfriend at the time then it's not cheating but I can understand why he would feel hurt. ... (30 replies)
... But you are forgetting someone in that scenario---your bf (with the exception the other guy avoiding him!). You didn't just wrong yourself; you also wronged him. You say you want to take this situation to be a meaningful lesson, yet you aren't permitting your boyfriend the same liberty. You can't learn from something you don't know about. Maybe you should try writing... (24 replies)
Oct 25, 2004
... My ex did the same, we tried to reconcile, but I never felt that trust ever again. I don't think it is something that goes away. A lot of people tell you to get over the past and that you have to move on. I really don't think that is possible. ... (165 replies)
I hate myself
Oct 19, 2004
... r problems that he didnt ask for. A lot of what I am afraid of is hurting him. There was no intention to do that that night and it seemed that I did. Ive seen cheating hurt people in my family and I dont want to be that person on either side so i feel alot of guilt. Woweee u hit everything on the head. ... (46 replies)
Oct 16, 2004
... Wow, what an amazing post, Nixin! It moved me so much I am almost crying. I am so happy for you that after such a horrible and dark experience, you had the strength to pick yourself up and met this wonderful man you deserved. :angel: (37 replies)
Oct 15, 2004
... he began cheating on me. he was supposed to be sober as well, but, well, i don't think he ever meant anything he told me. how then could i be so stupid? ... (37 replies)

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