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... I've been dating this guy about 10 months. We are both almost 50 and neither of us has been married. Although he has some good relationship skills, he hasn't been in a romatic relationship for 20 years. ... (23 replies)
... and a male friend of hers. First, some background. ... (18 replies)
... I have been with my partner for 5 years. We are extremely happy together and have been through a lot that has made us stronger. We don't live together because I want to wait until we are married and our sex life is good but we only get to when we have a place to go. ... (9 replies)

... he wanted to be with his friends more, didnt want to always come see me since i live an hour away by car when we are both in the usa... ... (3 replies)
... If you two are really considering and talking about marriage, you two need to be discussing finances. I wouldn't just guess or take stabs at the "whys. ... (41 replies)
Online dating
Jan 18, 2009
... but on that note I had a guy that I went to high school with that I dated and that relationship was horrible so don't judge an online dating experience by that! ... (79 replies)
... t get out much, lol. We have dated seriously for about the past 2 years. She and I recently separated because we both knew it would be best with our situations. ... (7 replies)
... e from our room and I gave my wife a look that I wasn't too happy about being left alone for so long. She got all upset at me and later after the friends left we had this big blow up because she feels that I am controlling her and that she wanted to spend time talking to her friend. ... (8 replies)
... Thanks everyone for the replies so far. It feels good to get this off my chest and get some feedback. All of my friends that I can talk to are also my ex's friends, so I've been trying to keep this to myself as much as I can for now. Plus they all really like my current bf as well. ... (11 replies)
... Well he does take care of his own. He parents are both pharmacists so they are never around to cook, clean, or do any of that for him. ... (12 replies)
... I was married fairly young, and pregnant. We got along ok, but there was never a huge love between us. We had great times, amazing times, but there was always something missing... friendship I guess. I can't talk to him much, never could. ... (8 replies)
... that might stand in the way of that goal as a bad move. As I see it, the main arguments here against not living together before marriage is that it will make a guy want to marry you faster if he doesn't get to enjoy the benefits of living together. ... (10 replies)
... i met my 'best friend' just over a year ago when we lived together at our university halls of residence, with 3 other girls. we instantly became good friends. we had alot of fun together be it at a club or a cafe and told each other pretty much everything. ... (8 replies)
... y attracted to.. I'm going to break things off with her. She's a good friend, but I just don't think I want to be involved in anything with her... She also has a guy name greg hitting on her, and they talk everyday as much as me and her do... so I don't know, I just don't want to get involved in that. ... (16 replies)
... Thanks everyone. You are so right...we met at the time we were supposed to. If we had met earlier it may not have worked out but we are through that part of our lives where people feel the need to play games with each other. ... (6 replies)
... Hey Navy Wife, it does sound like your friend is depressed, but if she doesn't want to seek help, you can't make her. None of us can ever really figure out what makes another person act like they do. ... (8 replies)
... Basically I met my wife in church. She was singing at the front and she looked stunning. We got chatting after the service and fixed a date. She told me that she had just come out of a serious relationship and wanted to take it easy. ... (6 replies)
... hi Dee, you are in quite a quandary, an awkward position indeed! ... (21 replies)
... I talked to my banker friend for about 50 minutes and I will call him with a few specific questions I need answered before we meet again Tuesday. The reason I checked in was to see if you have more things that I should tell him. ... (221 replies)
... esteem was in the toilet years ago. I had a guy who told me I was lucky to have him and I couldn't do any better. Excuse me? ... (6 replies)

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