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... father. If he was like this before, and he doesnt really want to change, then he wont! I tried the whole "if you love me and our child you will grow up now!!!!" Of course, he agreed, every time I said it, but why do we women do this? ... (13 replies)
... Men confuse being nice with being a pushover. Everyone wants to be with someone who has their own ideas and who stands up for themselves. ... (14 replies)
... Something was wrong with you. That's what most of us grew up to believe or was expected to do. I also think back then they didn't know much about love or soulmates it was just find a man and get married.. ... (10 replies)

... pm. I got upset because of her wasting the night away and our anniversary was ruined. She did nothing to make it up to me. She has also said she was going to do something on our anniversary because she basically neglected my birthday, valentines day, and christmas. ... (9 replies)
... They can help you to get through the tough times. Being affraid of being alone is no reason to stay with a guy like this. I'm sure he has told you many times that nobody will love you like he does and that your worthless, etc., etc.. ... (10 replies)
... I've read through this post and I like a lot of what I've read so far. I'm gonna have to add my two cents into this one. So, women seem to like "jerks" and men seem to like "cover models". Are these just stereotypes or are they the real thing? ... (20 replies)
... Because men think nothing of lying. I don't know why men grow up thinking it's ok to lie to women like they do, but they just do. ... (103 replies)
... veryone can answer that for themselves, we all have a different definition. Perhaps there are some people out there who have never been approached, hit on or set up with or been pointed out to someone who made you say "ugh, no thanks!" for whatever reason. But for those of us who have, "geek loser" needs no explanation. ... (33 replies)
... I'm certainly not trying to "bust up" her relationship. I get that there's plenty of relationships where spouses don't get along with families, I was just hoping that wouldn't be her situation. We're a genuinely close family and it is out of her character to be willing to give that up. ... (22 replies)
... Ya know the guy I mentioned earlier about bing with for 6 years? ... (12 replies)
... u. The bball idea might sound like you're just trying to blow her off, unless she likes to come play too. But if she'd just be coming to watch you shoot around with some other guys, that might not be the best idea. I agree with a lot of what SaraLee said. ... (39 replies)
... I don't personally know anyone in the industry, but I doubt that a woman who was making really good money would leave that job to do porn. A lot of girls grow up with big dreams, then get to a certain point and realize they can only go so far. ... (167 replies)
... Wow, see, that's my biggest fear, ending up with some guy who's hot for me but I'm not really attracted to him. If you admit it, then it must mean it didn't 'grow' on you. ... (33 replies)
... I guy I knew 26 years first true love, you could say, at the tender age of 15. ... (33 replies)
... it's not often that i find girl friends who i really like, have a lot in common with, and understand each other. for some reason i have NO trouble in that regard with men...maybe some women should have just been born men? ... (87 replies)
... He needs to grow up. ... (19 replies)
... r comes so easily for other people and what they pretty much take for granted, is a never ending struggle for me. I relate to what you're saying cause I've been with my ex boyfriend for over four years also, and thought we were going to get married, have a family, the whole nine yards. ... (50 replies)
... Hi Goody, I'm glad you are adjusting so well to K's moving away for college. That's just part of life that kids grow up and want to go away to test their independence. I'm sure she misses you too and she will visit you and Tom as often as she can. ... (439 replies)
... sometimes when a guy knows your eazy ...just someone to have sex with, that guy will say the things you want to hear just to get in your pants,and yeah use you ..... ... (6 replies)
... What is up with them? ... (87 replies)

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