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... But given his previous comments, I think she will need to approach this in a careful way. ... (519 replies)
... Awwww...poor Jack. I'm so sorry to hear about what happened with you and this girl. Boy, I know how it feels to like a friend a LOT, only to find out later that this person doesnt' feel the same way. ... (109 replies)
... thank you for your honesty. It's better knowing the truth, rather than fooling myself into thinking he's interested in me. I don't even know why I'm so bothered by all of this. I've only met him once! ... (103 replies)

... Well, first I give you kudos for having the courage to contact him again after thinking about him for so long. ... (4 replies)
... Chick magnet! Conversation starter. What kind of dog is he? ... (8 replies)
What is he doing??
Jul 31, 2006
... Well, sex is natural, probably the most natural thing in the world. But still that is no excuse to try and pressure someone who clearly is not interested and knows what they want. I don't know if I would waste any more time on this guy. He doesn't respect you. ... (21 replies)
... Katie is so right about everything she said. This is not how a loving, good partner treats his lover. I have never in my life met a guy who said anything even remotely critical like that but if I did, I would be very sorry he came along. ... (41 replies)
... I must agree with the others....a relationship shouldn't leave you feeling as if you are constantly working in order to get your needs met. If a person is interested in a relationship they make the time and put the effort in for the other person because they see it as something valuable and worthwhile. ... (42 replies)
... First of all, ignore what that book says. Its author is not a therapist or relationship expert. He's a writer for a popular TV show. ... (25 replies)
... men in class, the dorms, and all my 20s singing and performing in clubs, at work, againl surrounded by men, without so much as a date, and I can't blame him for that since I didn't even know him then. ... (128 replies)
... Personally, I don't know how a woman meets a man, takes them home and has sex with them the first night they meet, and expects the man would fall madly in love with them in the first place. But then again she is only 22. I am older than that and whole lot smarter. ... (32 replies)
... That's excellent, Greeneyes! Michael is definitely interested in you and seems like a fun guy too! ... (439 replies)
... I agree that he is flaky and obviously not very interested in me. ... (105 replies)
... He said the reason why it didn't work out with them was because all they'd want to do is drink and party and so when he met me, I wasn't like that and he really liked that. So that made me think I wasn't a rebound. ... (48 replies)
... There is something very wrong with this situation. I do not think you should waste another minute of your life with this man. After 7 months, things should have progressed significantly by now if he really cared. ... (5 replies)
... with everything Nini has said in her last few posts. ... (202 replies)
... Yes, you are definitely overreacting in my opinion. You clearly don't know much or have much experience with pot, so it's only natural that it makes you feel left out when your BF smokes. ... (20 replies)
... sted at the time. I completely agree that there are so many circumstances and life situations that cause people to behave differently than they would like to, so you can't necessarily categorize someone's behavior based on a seeming "norm. ... (44 replies)
... Reading your post, there is nothing about this guy that seems worth hanging around for. You're putting in all the effort. ... (8 replies)
... I think one thing that you are forgetting is that sex, for women, is often tied into their emotions. ... (32 replies)

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