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... As some of you may know, I have a been developing a good relationship with a new friend of mine. We have only known each other for about a month so its all very new. ... (18 replies)
... I disagree...I think you are pursuing the wrong girl. If she says you'd make a great boyfriend and in the next breathe says she's not ready for a relationship she is virutally saying that you are not her type, she likes you as a friend and to pursue elsewhere. ... (39 replies)
... Goody just wanted to pop in and say a quick hello and let Sophia know that although I find it a little suspicious that this guy is tweeking his profile with new pics and has removed it, doesn't necessarily mean that something is way off. ... (109 replies)

... If he's the kind of guy who would stop being interested in a girl because of one unflattering picture then good riddance, you need a man who's a lot deeper then that. ... (7 replies)
... He sounds like a typical teenage guy. Not a good listener and only into himself. I am sure when he talks you give him your undivided attention. When you talk, if it is not about him, but it is about you, his eyes glaze over. This is a sign of immaturity and self centeredness. ... (3 replies)
... This guy is not interested in getting to know you as a person. He's not interested in a relationship. If he were excited about you in that way, he'd be proud to introduce you to his friends and have you hang out with them all together. ... (7 replies)
... I am going through the same situation ur in right now. I have this bf of mine. He isn't interested in me, but I don't know why his still with me. His broken up with me so many times before and still keeps coming back into my life to hurt me even more. ... (4 replies)
... I haven't seen him, except on Saturday and I just waved as he was pretty far away. Haven't spoken, etc. Nada, nothing. My feeling is ....... he's not interested. ... (326 replies)
... I bumped into him yesterday. Talked for about 5 mins. I was very tired, it was late. He just doesn't seem interested to me...that was my vibe last night but honestly, a couple of months ago he really did seem interested. ... (326 replies)
... not inappropriately!! you know, the girly laugh then touch his shoulder or hand or something. ... (326 replies)
... it seems like this is a case where a guy is sincerely interested in you and you are pushing him away and playing games. you tell him not to call and get mad when he does but if he doesn't you feel he needs to be punished. ... (9 replies)
... Yes I go out a lot.....I have a great time, but I am also a very, very picky person, it is rare that I ever meet someone that interests me. Like for example, I met this guy this past weekend. ... (29 replies)
... I'm thinking the same thing, you said it very well.... ... (24 replies)
... This guy totally sounds like a guy I was "seeing". During this time we kept in touch for 3 years. It was not long distance either. ... (24 replies)
... Thanks JohnnyBoateng for the advice!! I really do appreciate it. I really did hope time would bring us together! I feel like I have really screwed things up in the meantime though. ... (4 replies)
... Hi, confusedchrissy. It doesn't sound like you've done much wrong to me. You expressed your feelings fairly explicitly early on in this friendship but your friend is clearly an optimist and, like you, he hoped time would bring you together. ... (4 replies)
... what you are doing is wrong. ... (106 replies)
... Oh my god, Nini, you and your family have really been through some horrible, horrible stuff! ... (71 replies)
Call from an Ex
Apr 15, 2005
... Why would you be scared of talking to him and asking him what his intentions are with his sudden appearance in your life, these phone calls, and dinners? ... (217 replies)
... I agree with most of the people in here... let's see... ... (15 replies)

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