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... ied so much. It is possible that because she is giving me a second chance I don't ever want to screw up so I work too hard to build that trust and it feels Aztec is manipulating my girlfriend to ruin my last and only chance to make things right? ... (11 replies)
... Hi, I'm . I was wondering if you wanted to go get some coffee after class? ... (8 replies)
... nging out on a regular basis and during this time I completely fell for her. One day we kinda sorta had a "conversation" and I kinda sorta asked her, "well, why not me? ... (11 replies)

... ly say what kind of feelings she has for him, but she has them. For example, with my ex, I couldn't give a rat's behind if ANYTHING I do upsets him because it's not my problem. If my ex even tried to ask me on a date I'd tell him to shove off. ... (9 replies)
... yeah it seems your ex's friend OR your ex is just trying to make you jealous. people can be very immature like that. ... (14 replies)
... about hanging out and she said jokingly "i hope you can make room in your schedule for me" to which I replied "I think i'll make room" and she said "as you should". Monday I called her to see if she wanted to get lunch somewhere but I got no answer. ... (15 replies)
... Good, I'm glad this shocked you. I had the feeling you needed a bit of a wake up call. ... (7 replies)
... I am confused Rose. By no means am I being conceited but I do find it strange that he only texts. Most guys that are interested in me pursue me more. They both call and texted! Especially a grown 30 yr old man!!! IDK! ... (27 replies)
Attention Seeker
Aug 22, 2010
... with this. Don't take on her shenanigans as your own. If she wants to act this way, it's not up to you to correct her. She is an adult and needs to deal with the consequences of her actions. ... (4 replies)
... I would so do this but shes not interested in me the least bit. The body language said it all on Tues and Wed this week. ... (79 replies)
... If you email her with that you will never hear from her again. It's not only negative but it's like you're trying too hard and your ego is inflated. Its like saying " Hey, you really don't know what your missing, lady! ... (102 replies)
... OK, guys it has been a long time since I have been on here. Mainly on the lyme boards but a few questions here in the past. ... (25 replies)
Is he interested?
Dec 29, 2009
... I know this guy who I was stationed with back in Nellis AFB. We never really talked, just said good morning or good afternoon. He was married and I was single. ... (9 replies)
... Well, I have to answer some questions here in order to fully explain the situation a bit more I think... ... (11 replies)
... the situation was just completely bizarre because of how interested he made himself to be. i do feel like i have OCD in some cases, such as this because i couldnt let it go until i had answers. although i wanted to, believe me. i wanted to just forget the whole thing!!! ... (32 replies)
... I was always a believer that beauty starts from the inside.. When I was thinner guys wanted to date me because I looked good, not because of who I was and what I was all about which I found sooooo insulting! They didn't want to get to know the "real me" and I hated that! ... (49 replies)
... It feels like being bullied because that's exactly what it is. He's trying to force you to do something against your will. I think that qualifies. ... (9 replies)
... That was exactly what I was trying to say. Make sure, in case you have sex with him, that it is not just to satisfy his sexual needs, since I guess that chastity has been the norm for him for some time now. ... (10 replies)
... the girl who called you was not lying. ... (8 replies)
Approaching Women
Mar 28, 2009
... I don't think its a major turn off if the guy won't make the first move just shows the lady that your an insecure or shy person. ... (6 replies)

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