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... Ok, I really appreciate your opinion. It's just that I'm in college. ... (19 replies)
... My goodness, you are so smart, sweet and a gem. It is hard to come by someone like you in this very cruel world. You are so very right. I have to learn that noone is without fault. ... (55 replies)
Interested or not?
Oct 16, 2006
... look... if the guy wasn't interested he probably would not try and meet up with you. Men don't go out of their way to make female friends so he is interested in you... have you ever heard of the "ladder theory", if not look it up in the web. it will reinforce what I am saying. ... (20 replies)

Interested or not?
Oct 16, 2006
... Oh my goodness girl. Are you OK? ... (20 replies)
... I've posted on here about a guy I've been talking to for a little over a month. He and I live about an hour away... ... (11 replies)
... actually toots, i'm talking to her on messenger while i write!! she's really far away from me..and she has a kid..and she called me sexy.. :eek: (99 replies)
... Perhaps she's really interested in you. I wonder if I am just completely oblivious to how men think. ... (99 replies)
... Actually, the guy said, flat out, that he was attracted to me, and leaned over kissed me on the cheeck too. I found that "coming on to strong. ... (14 replies)
... I don't think most guys really want women as friends. I think the only female "friend" a guy really has is his wife when he finally meets the one he really loves. But no, it really sounds like this guy wasn't that into you. ... (8 replies)
... My ex and I are broken up, but he says it is time apart and he hasn't ruled out getting back together eventually, he just wants to be on his own right now and can't handle the pressures of a relationship. ... (4 replies)
... Nini, I'm so sorry to hear that this guy turned out to be full of BS...there really isn't any great way to tell when someone's being sincere and when someone's just casually joking around. ... (59 replies)
... Oh, Nini.....I can't believe that this is the same guy Goody and others here were pushing you into the watercloset with!!!!!! ... (59 replies)
... Thank you SO much for your reply. I do think that no matter what I could have done in my past relationship, it just wasn't meant to be. I do agree that maybe he just wasn't the right one for me. ... (216 replies)
... many times if a guy asks a girl out on a date or to get together a girl won't say no right away but make excuses. Like if you ask her out she may say ok and then come up with an excuse later, or make an excuse right on the spot. ... (11 replies)
... I would get on the phone and explain to the guy that she is not interested in him anymore and try to convince him it is over. Why prolong the situation when it is inevitable. It is not helping any of the 3 people involved. ... (22 replies)
... All you can do is keep putting yourself out there and see what happens but stop dating anyone that is still married. Also add to the mix that you are a virgin will make things harder for you to find a guy willing not to have sex at this age. ... (10 replies)
... growing up that women have a way of complicating a very CLEAR situation. If guys dont call you back when they say they will... they obviously dont want to talk and perhaps not interested. There is nothing more to analyze. ... (22 replies)
... Feelings are feelings no matter how many times you met this guy. Feelings can not be shut off like a water faucet. ... (22 replies)
... if not clearly hes not as nice as you described him. ... (19 replies)
... new dates a week when I am not dating anyone exclusive. So, I do have quite a bit of experience in dating new guys. In my experience, ones who don't call back soon after a date are not totally interested. ... (4 replies)

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