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... how about if you are looking too deep into the "we should get together again"? ... (18 replies)
... I agree, your girlfriend may not like him, but she's clearly enjoying the attention she's getting from this guy. Only speaking for myself, to me, nothing in the world is more annoying and unattractive than some guy you have made clear you are not interested in who keeps hitting on you and hitting on you. ... (15 replies)
Interested or not?
Oct 17, 2006
... CG, I get that, I mean two weeks isn't that long, but it is long enough to express interest in starting something. I'm not feeling that from what you've written. I'm at a point that if a man is romantically interested in me, just let me know with words or actions. ... (20 replies)

... well first of all I absolutely HATE when a guy calls me dude..... ... (1 replies)
... You don't have to change your number if you don't want. Just tell the guy you are not interested in him in anyway and then ignore his txt msgs and his phone calls. He will eventually get the message. ... (12 replies)
... ne that I just didn't click with, it didn't last long. But the thing is, we did click, and he was very interested. He has told me that he has never stopped being interested in me, and that I still do something to him. ... (33 replies)
... once even fell in love but it didn't work out. I know I'm fussy but I'm not going to settle for someone who is less than what I deserve. ... (30 replies)
30 Something Men
Oct 25, 2005
... Wow, greeneyes, we really are two peas in a pod!! Reading your post made me feel like I was reading my own thoughts!! ... (77 replies)
... Sounds to me like the woman is not interested, sorry. Sometimes, someone likes you and you just dont feel it towards them. It might not be your may just be she doesnt feel that toward you. I had a thing for a guy in his early 40s at one time, cause of him, his personality.. ... (5 replies)
... OMG, did you hear that Demi Moore and Ashton got married on Saturday? ... (439 replies)
... I agree with a lot of this and a lot of your last post...I think it brings a much needed fresh perspective to this situation. Because let's face it, you still want to be with this guy, and there are obstacles. ... (45 replies)
... Sophia, it sounds like your relationship with NG is proceeding nicely to me. Going slower is better anyway. Just don't pressure him too much, and I'm sure, in time, he will open up to you more with his feelings. If he had you stay over, you know he is very interested in you! ... (69 replies)
... Sure, go ahead and tell your boyfriend that this guy made everyone feel ill at ease. ... (3 replies)
... I understand your thoughts and many guys actually use this tatic more often today because it fools girls into thinking they are a great guy. In this case though I am not seeing that because she really doesn't complain about him ditching her a lot or any major changes. ... (23 replies)
... You know, there's no easy answer to this one. We just don't know what the girl is thinking and what the reason for her sudden change of heart is. ... (71 replies)
... The story with that is...he thinks you are there for his sexual needs...nothing else. And you are there to satisfy HIM, and he isn't at all interested in whether or not he satisfies you. ... (14 replies)
... read all the posts but as I have become older I have realized that it's perfectly normal for men to look at porn as I believe men are visual. To be blunt, if a guy I was into was NOT interested in looked at porn, I would be worried! ... (30 replies)
... the concerns you have raised are very common. I hear it often from friends and friends of friends. ... (6 replies)
... Not all guys are self confidant go getters. Some guys really worry whether they ought to bust a move or hang back, when is the right time, how should they go about it. They over analise and before they know it some other guy has got the girl. ... (7 replies)
... You are feeling very emotional right now and that is okay because you feel you love this guy. Trust me, this will pass, the hurt, the emotions, the rejection, etc. Please give this time. ... (22 replies)

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