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... Mel, I'm not sure if the weed was laced with anything. I don't think that it was, but who knows. My bf's behaviour wasn't abonormal for him, under the circumstances. ... (28 replies)
... about how his roommates wanted to meet me and that we should go to a baseball game together, etc. He's not a player, jerky kind of guy. Rather, very nice and respectful and seemingly mature. The disappearing thing is just odd. ... (21 replies)
... y kept my brother on pins and needles trying to please her. Well, she finally dumped him for good three weeks ago. He's absolutely crushed, heartbroken. She kept calling him, "just to talk" and to make sure he's ok, and he's like "what does she want me to say? ... (12 replies)

... I understand what you're saying about your past bf's. It's okay to have some sort of physical attraction first, but this should not be the foundation of a relationship. ... (9 replies)
... general location, a booty call at 2 am would not be a problem. but after coming from 5 hours away and not calling me at all to tell me he was coming, and THEN to call me at 2 am? ... (13 replies)
Angry stage
Apr 11, 2005
... boyfriend also wanted to be "friends" with me but I made it clear to him that I am NOT his friend and I will never be. Now, a year later, he is calling again and taking me out to dinners. ... (12 replies)
... The first time his sister met me was at his dads. We had my car and she stormed in asking whose car was in the driveway and how she needed a ride back to their moms. ... (18 replies)
... Would you call this guy again ? ... (9 replies)
Want him back
Feb 1, 2012
... The real sad fact is that not only men disappear, but people in general, who looked very promising in the beginning, disappear and leave no trace behind. ... (11 replies)
Want him back
Feb 1, 2012
... You need to make up your mind to not care why. You don't know what's going on in his head, and really, it's none of your business. All you need to know is he's not interested anymore. The best way to deal with the unhappiness and the unsettled feeling is to just move on with your life. ... (11 replies)
Letting go
Jun 6, 2009
... He sounds like a coward. He couldn't face up to what he has done and that's why he didn't call. As for whether he feels bad about it or not, I really don't know, I don't know the guy. But you're way better off without him, that's for sure. It sounds like this is a long distance relationship. Those rarely ever work out, unless both people are actually truly in love with... (7 replies)
The ex is back...
Jan 27, 2009
... Hmmm...I don't really get why did you delete him now, since you said you broke up months before. It seems like you were expecting to get back with him, but got really upset once he told you his moving back home. ... (10 replies)
The ex is back...
Jan 26, 2009
... I dated a guy seriously for 6 mths, 2 of those months he was out of the country on business. ... (10 replies)
... The past 2 months or so before our break up we had been fighting over little things. Just small random arguments. Really petty. Nothing of substance. Looking back I think that things just started to get dull between us. It was almost like routine. ... (7 replies)
... He can go to a casino and not pay you? ... (10 replies)
... my world upside down because we were living together for two years. So I had to move out and move on and get on antidepressants. However, I had been very good at not calling or contacting him in anyway. ... (16 replies)
... She comes back from a trip and I take a look at the pictures shes taken. There was a pic of a car very similar to his and I wondered why she even took it. ... (5 replies)
A little bummed
Jun 23, 2008
... I bet it would be something like "a guy who doesn't take the time to call you back when he says he will isn't worth your time...think about moving on if this is how it's going to be". ... (108 replies)
Aug 23, 2007
... Im feeling quite low today. We never had the chat I was waiting two months for. I just got so bloody frustrated that we werent talking about it. Im just not very patient in general and im sure i can be forgiven for snapping after two months of crap. my max threshold. ... (67 replies)
... she was so excited. I can tell she loves me, she knows i love her. We also promised "to do whatever it takes to try to avoid arguments", and we both agreed, its not going to be bulletproof, im sure we'll still have them, but hopefully they'll reduce. ... (39 replies)

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