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... I dated a guy like that. If we'd get into an argument, then he would never call. Once he went literally two weeks before I finally gave up and called him. ... (4 replies)
... My bf of 2 months started staying over my house for 3 days at a time. 1 week ago today he went to see his therapist in the evening and told me he was coming back which he did not. He didn't even telephone me to let me know. Needless to say I was upset about that and the next day I broke up with him. ... (3 replies)
Am I insane?
Nov 29, 2006
... his guy about what he is doing to me, how him visiting his ex's bothers me, told him to let me meet these women if they are just friends, said to him you know my guy friends. I told him not calling me when he's going to be late bothers me, he did a couple of times then is back to the same way in no time. ... (10 replies)

... this is way early in the game to be making assumptions about this guy either way. ... (26 replies)
... It's probably not realistic. I know I have nothing to lose in a sense, but the thing is my personality is so painfully shy! ... (11 replies)
... Don't worry, sweetie! No guy would think that a girl who liked him and kissed him was overly aggressive or cheap. ... (11 replies)
... happy camper to begin with, and he's probably even more miserable now. So, I'm miserable too, but at least I'm a lot easier to get along with than he is, and am not such a critical, confused, high strung person as he is. I'm thinking if he could not get along with me, he will never get along with any woman. ... (54 replies)
Help needed...
Dec 19, 2005
... No, I do not think you are overeacting at all. Anyone who makes plans with you and then completely blows you off, not calling or apologizing or anything, is a real cad. They are only thinking about themselves. It sounds like this guy just wants you to be available for his convenience. ... (33 replies)
... pig," but I wonder what this guy would say to her and if he would ask her out again. I am just so curious. ... (105 replies)
... I sent it last night to his personal account, not his work account, and I am pretty sure he checks his emails quite regularly because in the past, he would respond to them in a matter of an hour or two. ... (263 replies)
... His name is Keith. He looks like Harry Potter. Dead serious. A lot of girls found it cute but never gave the poor guy a chance. For years he would mope around and complain about how girls didnt like him. I used to have long talks with him all the time. ... (30 replies)
... mailed him back very lightly hinting that i had moved on. ... (13 replies)
... Unfortunately, there's not much mystery to it. Like the others said, if a guy is interested he'll call. If he lost your number and is interested, he'll go to hell and back to retrieve it LOL. It's true. ... (14 replies)
Dec 25, 2003
... hings but I told him I will use my judgement if I feel it would hurt him more to know this info. It has been very rough because I feel he thinks I maybe holding back but I have to do what I feel is best for both of us. ... (73 replies)
... You seem to be missing one important aspect of this situation. HE broke up with you. That means that he's no longer interested. And you can want him back all day long til the cows come home but that doesn't matter unless he actually wants to try again. ... (6 replies)
... Right after my divorce, I met a guy online. I just wanted to go out, have dinner and a good conversation with someone nice, nothing more. ... (3 replies)
... as if I implied he has a right to abuse, neglect, mmistreat you. I did not say that. ... (81 replies)
Calling the ex
Jul 22, 2008
... If it hasn't been more than 4 or 5 months then don't. Do you want to get back together? ... (9 replies)
Hes been calling
Feb 1, 2008
... After the last week of getting back into contact with him, I WANT to move on. I want to forget him. I don't want to care about him. And this is very good, a major development. ... (104 replies)
Hes been calling
Jan 31, 2008
... this is what happened last time we broke up. and STUPIDLY i went back the first time after he broke up with that girl. ... (104 replies)

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