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... casually for awhile if you need more time...but I've found that it's a lot tougher to get over someone if you don't date at all. There's nothing like a cute new guy around to take your mind off your ex! ... (56 replies)
How do I know?
Aug 7, 2005
... I spent many nights crying there, or leaving and driving around. Sometimes I'd sit by the ocean and think about coming home, back to MO and calling the whole darn thing off. But, I felt so confused at the time. ... (3 replies)
Is this weird?
Jul 13, 2005
... when I asked him not to. Once he even called a past guy friend to ask our level of involvement. ... (10 replies)

... This guy seems to have an awful lot of power in the relationship. He knows when you're ready to be just friends. ... (13 replies)
... Hey, there's nothing wrong with a little wine and from what I read on the other thread I think it was wise of you to not go out with someone who is rude just to get out..... ... (176 replies)
... we both did. But I held back and said it was too soon. ... (52 replies)
... ives us time to save and start renting and getting things set up vs. living together already and having bills to pay, we'd never get a wedding paid for. And it's not like my parents or his parents just just had us a large sum of money and say "congrats lets do this". ... (8 replies)
... I had a similar situation a few yrs back. The guy I had dated for 6 yrs did the same thing to me. Said he needed to be alone, but then would call me to "check up on me". ... (45 replies)
Should i let go?
Apr 2, 2005
... Okay hi everyone iam going through a really tough time right now in my life me and I dated this guy for 3 and a half years it was a bumpy ride but no matter what he always talked about getting married and having kids with me and so on. ... (4 replies)
... Thats the reason for not hearing from her? ... (19 replies)
Feb 9, 2005
... me anger management issues that could become your problem if you let it. Calling once and leaving a message might have been a good strategy, but you still should not have been punished to such a degree for being excited and wanting to talk to him. I think this is a really big red flag. Discuss some sort of compromise. ... (10 replies)
... The vast majority of pot smokers use it recreationally and can easily stop when circumstances require them to be more responsible. The fact that your guy refuses to change his lifestyle is not so much about the pot (in my opinion), but instead, his commitment to pot reflects his general stubbornness, selfishness, and immaturity. My point is, don't blame the drug, since most... (13 replies)
... never "did" anything to my knowledge but when I was making dinner for him one night, he was in the other room on the internet and I kept calling him to come in to eat, adn he never did. ... (3 replies)
... friend,,, But she is not the type to just go out and have her fun..... im really thinking it all comes down to this talk, im going to put everything out on the table..... ... (36 replies)
... If any of you remember my last thread called "I think he just ended it!!!", I am currently dating someone who is 14 yrs older than I, and he did end it, but is back again. He is gone alot on business, and does some side work for our company that I work with. So therefore I will still have to see him at work. ... (9 replies)
Weird situation
Aug 18, 2004
... ut the problem is that she keeps meeting new guys. Some of them she is attracted to and she feels that they could be potential bfs. It frightens me because she's calling not just me but other guys. ... (23 replies)
... And no, I am not directly involved, but we have just bought a house together, and all of our incomes are "our" money. ... (58 replies)
... Let her do the calling if she needs you as a friend. Be honest with YOURSELF enough to know how much you can handle hearing about her current guy problems. ... (81 replies)
... Salty, thank God you at least started calling him "my ex"! That's the first step and I'm so glad to hear you are willing to take it. ... (68 replies)
... Also if I continue in this manner my guy friends that I've earned respect from will begin to lose that for me as well. My best friend is not going to protect my honor if he sees me going home with someone like this man. If I don't feel that I deserve better than no one else will. ... (12 replies)

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