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... why should it be on the guy to make arelationship happen... what we're not good enough to be desirable, or desired? ... (39 replies)
... I admit, my fiance did pursue me, even though I secretly had a crush on him. But at the time I thought he was too young for me. Immature was more like it, but he did pursue me until he got me. It wasn't the "stalker" sort of pursuit, but it was a gentle one. ... (39 replies)
... He just knew she as the one, and just had to be with her. I'm not sure if men really love like that anymore, at least not in a way that isn't totally sick and scary! ... (39 replies)

... always hits a nerve with me when guys say that girls only go for "bad boys" and that nice guys finish last. Well let me tell you, girls don't have it any better......unless a girl is pretty, she finishes last. Nice girls finish last. Talented girls finish last. Smart girls finish last. ... (32 replies)
... i know you'd like everything to be like this but GG, the fact is, those are movies and in real life, it just doesn't work that way. most of the time, the guys don't know when a woman is interested. you yourself had said time an time again that guys talk to you but you don't like the ones that do. ... (39 replies)
... i guess i don't know what to do with my life now.. ... (39 replies)
... but i know alot of guys out there struggle with the "what do i do now" or the "when should i do this" in the "meeting and getting to know girls" part of life. ... (17 replies)
Girls and shy guys
Nov 29, 2004
... I for one really like shy, quiet guys. I've always been reserved myself, though when I socialize I'm talkative and outgoing. ... (11 replies)
... To answer question 3, like Carrie said on an episode of Sex And The City when she decided she wanted her ex boyfriend back and went to his home and threw pebbles at his window, "when men make a grant gesture of love, it's considered bold and romantic. ... (39 replies)
... Well, of course, men usually pursue the "wrong" girl! ... (39 replies)
... I have been pursued by women my whole life. My first 3 girlfriends chased after me. One of them was pretty agressive. I actually got use to letting girls come to me and it started to hurt my chances with women as I got a bit 23 now. I really did not develop any kind of "game" with women. ... (79 replies)
... great boyfriend and in the next breathe says she's not ready for a relationship she is virutally saying that you are not her type, she likes you as a friend and to pursue elsewhere. ... (39 replies)
... I gave the post a list of Sports to try for herself if ONLY she was interested In them...Not Just to meet guys...and I do know some guys and they do take to liking girls who also participate in these sports. It was a suggestion. ... (52 replies)
... s been stemming from me since I was about 17. I am now 26. I grow up with a narcissitic father who constantly critized me, invaded my personal space, compared me to others, belittled me infront of others, and made me responsibilty for all his needs. ... (5 replies)
... she is not attracted to you and you will stay a friend or she will be disappointed that you dont make any moves and move on. ... (8 replies)
... so we could really get to know each other, but nowadays guys think you are not interested in them if you want to be friends first. I thought it was sweet how June and Johnny thought of each other as their best friend. I want that! ... (39 replies)
... You guys have been so supportive in my struggle with my ex and I'm so pleased to finally be able to discuss someone new! ... (167 replies)
... ith him, so that's problematic though not an insurmountable obstacle necessarily. Second of all, she's the one who technically did the breaking up, so she needs to be committed to not only liking you again as more than a friend, but also rekindling the relationship. ... (51 replies)
... I think the level of your infatuation is getting to a worrisome point, and I like the idea of you being straight with this girl, letting her know you have strong feelings for her, that it hurts to know she is engaged to someone else. ... (13 replies)
... He's having that old "I got married too young and didn't get to have any fun!" crisis. ... (18 replies)

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