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... self esteem "nerd" perspective onto this. ... (47 replies)
... people are basically selfish and if they don't have the patience for someone with low self esteem, they don't have to put themselves out at all. It sucks but it's true. ... (47 replies)
... How are guys who don't feel good about themselves supposed to feel knowing the likelihood of finding a relationship is already slim to nil? ... (47 replies)

... sence. Enjoy your date with the new guy, and I hope you politely tell the depressed guy that you just don't feel like you're a good match, then move on and date guys you actually enjoy being around. ... (13 replies)
... gether. You're right, it's just not very attractive at all. I think if it annoys you about him now, then likely it would only grow to be more irritating if you guys were to actually start dating. ... (47 replies)
... one date...thats all it took for me and i was hooked! give him a try. if not, then just tell him you aren't really all that into him and hopefully you guys can still have awesome conversations! ... (47 replies)
... n howling at you very often. And don't say you don't, because you get TEN times more attention than any guy on a regular basis. Before you even speak, you have guys trying to get a glimpse of your breasts and backside. What's more? ... (47 replies)
... I also don't agree completely with the notion that guys aren't attracted to shy girls who seem down. It may be true for experienced guys who can attract a lot of girls, but when I see a girl like that, I start asking myself about what her problems may be. ... (47 replies)
... or do you just enjoy guys that are just a little touched in the head? ... (16 replies)
... I was just pointing out that guys like me are often lost in the fray...because we're guys...people expect different things out of us. ... (17 replies)
... Also, remember to compliment and praise her body whenever possible. The more she realizes how much you love the way she looks, the more comfortable she's likely to feel about you touching her. I've always been lucky to be quite confident about my face and body, but that's mainly because of uniformly positive feedback from guys. Even the most self-assured woman has at least... (8 replies)
... Good question! IMHO, I think it's the way women or I should say girls are raised and the "programming" we receive as young girls. We were or are programmed that we "need" men in our lives to be able to complete... we have movies like Jerry McGuire that sends messages to women that we need a man to be able to raise a well-adjusted kid. I understand about being in... (17 replies)
... It's weird. I guess I'm not a normal guy, because I take breakups or rejections extremely hard. My guy friends think I'm weak because of it. I feel pretty destroyed right now personally. (17 replies)
... e if I can help with some advice. I have noticed that alot of women are suffering with the selfesteem issue after a breakup. How is it that we seem to lose our self esteem when a guy turns his back? ... (17 replies)
... s and ideal relationships. So while what you say may be quite true for some men, I firmly disagree that any of it applies to all men, because I know way too many guys who are better than that. ... (12 replies)
... esteem. Women with very high self esteem also get upset when they find out their boyfriend went to a bachelor party and would have hooked up with another woman but for a friend getting sick. ... (26 replies)
... After awhile, that really takes stabs at your personality. Especially since i already had low enough self esteem to begin with, these stories completely shattered me. ... (73 replies)
... gain some self confidence again and let go of the insecurities. I started dating again and I felt great. I wasn't insecure and my self esteem was really high. ... (6 replies)
... He wants to make you miserable. He wants to chip away at your self esteem and he wants to convince you you're ugly, stupid, worthless and don't deserve to be treated any better. ... (32 replies)
... I know they've had conversations about it where my friend flat out told her that she needed to back down when they go out together and only go after guys she's truly interested in and not just go after them for sport. I think it kind of worked. ... (9 replies)

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