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... ou're right about making things more complicated. I hear women constantly say it's hard to meet people. So why make things even harder by telling yourself not to pursue a guy when you finally do meet one? ... (79 replies)
... why should it be on the guy to make arelationship happen... what we're not good enough to be desirable, or desired? ... (39 replies)
... I admit, my fiance did pursue me, even though I secretly had a crush on him. But at the time I thought he was too young for me. ... (39 replies)

... ect. It's hard though. I HATE the dating games and do not follow any of the written rules. I tend to go with my gut feelings and I think more of us should do that, rather than follow rules. ... (79 replies)
... Yes, :) but these incidents took place in a bar scene. People dont typically go to bars looking for their next serious relationship even though some encounters may work out that way. Girls who pursue a guy in a bar, typically, automatically fall into a girl who pursues guys (plural). That statement holds true even more after shes had a few drinks too many and a boiler... (79 replies)
... n't, that it's the man's role to pursue, and that a man loves a challenge so if you take away that challenge, he'll be less interested in you. But I and a lot of guys I know don't think like that at all. There are certain areas in life where we thrive on a challenge. Sports is a good example. ... (26 replies)
... Ha, YES, but they think if you aggressively pursue him, you must do the same thing with other guys! It's true, so many guys have said that. ... (79 replies)
... A girl should be able to pursue a guy if she wants to. ... (79 replies)
... D matter of fact, i think you should be the first. ... (39 replies)
... term boyfriend like that. Another acquainance met her husband at a trendy bar. Nothing wrong with that, in my opinion. People should stop being so judgemental and have all these stupid rules. Otherwise, how can anyone ever meet ANYONE? ... (79 replies)
... eat boyfriend and in the next breathe says she's not ready for a relationship she is virutally saying that you are not her type, she likes you as a friend and to pursue elsewhere. ... (39 replies)
... that women went after your bf BECAUSE she saw him with you; its all about the challenge. :rolleyes: (79 replies)
Should I settle?
Oct 10, 2004
... her people would consider the person that you're drawn to conventionally attractive. Other people don't have to love the person and sleep with them, so all that should matter is that the couple finds each other appealing. ... (91 replies)
... It shouldn't be too much to ask, but it seems like it is. I would love that too, a man who actually gives a darn, who is interested enough to actually pursue me and make his intensions clear instead of having to do all this guessing and game playing "does he like me, is he shy or just not that into me, should I call or wait for him to call what if he's waiting for me to show... (26 replies)
... but i know alot of guys out there struggle with the "what do i do now" or the "when should i do this" in the "meeting and getting to know girls" part of life. ... (17 replies)
... let you know when they're not. If they say "I'm not interested, I only want to be friends, I'm not ready for a relationship now, etc etc." then, like I said, you should take that at face value. But you have to go on a case by case basis. ... (39 replies)
... Absolutely agree! I know its 2005, I'm not at all scared to ask a guy out, I have many times. But from my experience, not a good thing. And mom's influence was very strong. (79 replies)
... e with Proverbs too. I think a woman should definitely let the guy know she's interested in him by talking to him, smiling, some flirting, etc, but to blatantly pursue a man would most likely not work very well, other than with the extremely shy men who are somewhat socially awkward and uncomfortable about asking women out. ... (79 replies)
... t sound like you've done anything wrong. However, that doesn't mean your BF's feelings are any less real and true for him, and if you really care about him, you should respect his perspective. ... (4 replies)
Should I settle?
Oct 7, 2004
... I do think there is something to that idea about the bad girls getting the devoted guys and being able to settle down and be happy whenever they want. ... (91 replies)

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