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... Do guys find it irritating if their gfs call them during the day. Like when you are at work. Or do you find it nice, that they call just to see how your day is going. ... (16 replies)
... Anyways I meet guys all the time, but I am hardly interested in them. ... (5 replies)
... e would be interested in going out sometime in the future. But I wouldn't keep chasing after him after he continues to show little or no interest. I agree that guys are hard to figure out because like Hiya said, when they say things, they don't exactly put them in the proper context. ... (11 replies)

... I hate to see you going through this, I really do. But, the fact is, you simly cannot control or change or determine anyone else's behavior. You cannot MAKE her stop calling him, and you cannot MAKE him stop taking her calls. ... (29 replies)
... See today is his birthday, so I am trying to be civil, but come on... I do not know what to do if she won't stop calling him. He told her that one time.. and then never stood his ground. So she thinks what he was playing around when he first told her to stop. ... (29 replies)
... You need to stop calling him, stop making excuses nd stop feeling as if it is all your fault. ... (120 replies)
... First of all thanks guys for your support, it is tremendous! It is refreshing to hear your words of encouragement. ... (5 replies)
For Guys from Girl
Aug 14, 2001
... im not a guy but i can give you advice fer sure!!! this is not something just guys do, girls do it too When people are in a relationship and want a way out, they use this line to soften the blow ( mostly for themselves) When people are in relationships for 2 weeks to a month to two months, its not serious, and they can just stop calling you right-easy way out. But when... (10 replies)
... he wants to stick around. No guarantees on anything but it makes me feel I'm not sleeping with some guy that does the Houdini act.... I have zero respect for guys that dissapear without a trace... cowards in my book. ... (5 replies)
... Well he does not have a boss... but yea.. I usually call to see if he can pick me up early, or to see if he needs me to stop by and get anything.. it is not like I call him all day. ... (16 replies)
... Personally I have always told boyfriends (and my one husband!) not to call me at work unless they are dead :D. Maybe its the way I was raised, but to me, work is what I'm there getting paid to do and if it can wait until the evening why would I want to be on the phone while co-workers are listening in on what is a personal call? When I worked at the bank we weren't allowed... (16 replies)
... just seems to disappear and stop calling, its because they don't want to keep any lines of communication or any kind of relationship going...bottom line. ... (6 replies)
... Everyone is RIGHT. Stop calling. Stop texting. ... (83 replies)
... e is going through my phone, he is grillin me. asking me all kinds of questions. hes telling me that im lying to him about where i went tonight, etc. there are 2 guys that "i gave my number to" and i put that in "" because these are guys i have known for 5 years, but didnt talk to because of him. ... (98 replies)
... d that he knew that him being with her made me uncomfortable and it is his job and he cannot avoid it, so he left out the facts. I also told him that he needs to stop being her crutch, that she needs to stop calling him about every little thing. ... (86 replies)
... vent! and i still love this guy...not nice...i make myself sick could he be to do that...thats the thing that gets me realy mad...i dotn mind the name calling or the lying... ... (10 replies)
Here I go again
Feb 2, 2005
... such a shady guy. I'm inclined to agree with the poster who said once a cheater, always a cheater in this situation. While in some cases people can change and stop cheating as they mature or when they find the right person, in this case, it doesn't sound good. ... (9 replies)
... so she was calling me like 3 times a day on average.. so 2 or so months go by.. ... (2 replies)
... just fyi. the name calling and mean things he says to you cause he knows it hurts you is called EMOTIONAL ABUSEMENT. and it does NOT get any better. the name calling will get worse and lead to more the just emotional abusement...I just want to shake some sense into you. I guess I know how my family felt about me... ... (120 replies)
... ch for not even tleling him i was going. and was calling me a ho and so on...saying i was doing crap with other guys. that i was fuked up for not even telling hin i went... ... (120 replies)

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