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... It"s safe to say that everyone starts out being the nice guy or the girl next door.Most people try to hide their past and not show to many sides of themselves.Also when you first start dating ,you haven"t seen the other person in various settings that can bring different emotions out. ... (12 replies)
... If the "nice" is an act, then you're not really a nice guy, and you're not someone women leave because you're "too nice." Again, I think women like nice guys, but true, REAL nice guys, not guys who only pretend to be nice for what it will get them. ... (65 replies)
... Right. I guess what I was saying was that alot of people, both men and women, are only nice if they have to be. It's a shame but it's generally true. If a guy thinks he can get away with doing whatever he feels like doing and still get the girls, he usually will. ... (65 replies)

... I hope you don't mind Chevyman, that I edited some of what you wrote to save space. I left the parts I want to answer. ... (77 replies)
... Like i said, it's just my opinion, and I'm not getting up on my high horse because I've done it too. ... (43 replies)
... Truthfully, one of the "things" guys like him do is to display a sweet streak. I have a very good friend who's husband is a very bad man. But he will occasionally do very nice things. Why? ... (13 replies)
Chronically Single
Sep 10, 2005
... i'm interested in the other 2 (50 replies)
... Nice guys are ugly! ... (50 replies)
... how are you guys? ... (10 replies)
... Men are very insecure. They worry too much about what others, particularly women, think of them. Why do men become doctors or lawyers? ... (65 replies)
... Are you, by chance, an Alpha female? I find that other women aren't that fond of Alphas. (31 replies)
... I want to know if I am doing something wrong, or if everybody is just immature and bitter. Everybody!!! ... (31 replies)
... u're going to continue living and not go totally insane, you've got to keep hope alive in some way, yes, but on the other hand, it doesn't really make much sense to me to lie to myself and pretend I'm going to be the exception to the rule. Once you hit 40, the stats just don't look good. ... (77 replies)
... first of all I need to vent, I need to just let it all out, that is what has been happening. ... (10 replies)
Very confused
Sep 23, 2003
... Her friends are the kind who always wanted to be successful, popular and so on and they are always competing who gets the best in life. I guess by having me she felt inferior and her friend's boyfriends are succesful, older and so on. ... (14 replies)
... Let's pretend mating is like a food chain, since I'm bored and can't sleep. ... (31 replies)
... i always figured that for the most part, it differed from woman to woman.. and in single women, from week to week.. ... (31 replies)
Human Doormat
Jan 25, 2009
... I started thinking a lot about a girl friend of mine. We'll call her Kelly for now. I met her in college, she liked me way back when, and a mutual friend tried to set us up, but I wasn't really into her that much. ... (30 replies)
... ime. I had heard rumors about the way he had treated her like calling her names and being jealous. Although I had heard these things I thought he had had a right to be all o these things because I knew of his ex and that she had been a little "loose". I never thought he would be like this with me. ... (9 replies)
... shared the idea with me I thought I could never do it and it seemed silly and hated HER so much I only wanted to kick her....I did try it and it worked, turned out after I got him back I couldn't stand him. ... (31 replies)

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