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... Alright guys, I really need to know... ... (13 replies)
... um...actually...all signs point to 'he lost my number' or 'he has a girlfriend' if we wanna be that negative about it. ... (13 replies)
... waiting on the papers to be complete. ... (8 replies)

... honest when they come across a special man they truly care for. ... (87 replies)
... I don't think you really need to talk to him to make a decision, for yourself, about becoming exclusive. You can choose to do it. Although, as great as he seems, I'd still want to know he wasn't seeing anyone else as well. ... (87 replies)
... the title probably sais it all. my boyfriend has this issue with me thinking other guys are good looking. Me and him always ask each other on who we think is good looking or not. A girl could walk by us and i would ask him what he thought of her and he would tell me, that sort of thing. ... (6 replies)
... so we could really get to know each other, but nowadays guys think you are not interested in them if you want to be friends first. I thought it was sweet how June and Johnny thought of each other as their best friend. I want that! ... (39 replies)
... But, you never know what people went through, ect. so he may be basing this statement on something that happened to him or someone he knows in the past. If you like him otherwise, I think you should still go out with him. ... (8 replies)
... Your welcome...Ok, As for hobbies..well, reading and taking Yoga you are not going meet a guy...That is also a problem with woman they think these are hobbies that will interests men...NOT...When I say hobbies.. ... (52 replies)
... w it wasn't a relationship that would work in the long run. Her life is extraordinarily difficult and I don't have the money, time or interest in being a father to her children. I was always aware it wasn't ideal. And yet, for some reason, that almost made it appealing. ... (27 replies)
... I am just a very genuine person. If I like someone, i tell them. If I want to call someone, I do. ... (4 replies)
... I know what you are saying about the gyms. But, I do intense workouts and certain types of equipment are needed in order for me to keep up what I am doing. On top of that, you'd be surprised at the gyms in the New Orleans area...they aren't very nice. ... (19 replies)
... I think your biggest problem here is not your girlfriend's desire to keep a friendship with her ex, but rather her blatant disregard for your feelings on the matter. ... (50 replies)
... This is interesting because I'm a single guy and I can relate to where you're at right now. ... (52 replies)
... One thing Lazer, I have read your other threads and the thing you ALWAYS say is that you don't hold your GF's past against her...BUT you always mention it at length. ... (39 replies)
... like relationship, and a few times i was even used and such. So my inexperience really makes it difficult sometimes knowing how to act since i was never involved in a serious relationship, but plenty of casual ones. ... (39 replies)
... but I am a very intelligent guy. I am graduating early from one of the top universities with a masters degree. I am 6'1" and pretty athletic. I can be funny and witty. I am pretty good at reading people so I am empathetic. My friends would all agree that I would be a great prospect for women. ... (47 replies)
... this inadvertently attracts men who are tempted to push their limits and see just how much women will put up with from them. ... (14 replies)
... stabbing. But I had to room with this girl who hated me on site...we never were that great friends, because her personality sucked, but I lived with her because we got along pretty well as roommates. ... (9 replies)
... K i tried to be nice. but you need help. you really do you need counselling. there is no reason to be so down about yourself. who cares if you are a little over wieght, i bet there is a good quality for ever bad quality you listed. ... (13 replies)

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