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... yes may be attracted to me as they feel they can take advantage, I actually was more attracted to my 'shy' boyfriend, because he was 'shy', as he was not pushey with me, and respected me as a woman when we first met. ... (47 replies)
... quiet artist approached me in the store I was working at, kicking at his feet, a light bead of sweat on his brow and blushing, I jumped at the chance to go out with him. And it wasn't a pity type of thing. ... (47 replies)
... he 'arrogant too sure of himself type', and I can tell you that I was MORE attracted to my boyfriend, because he was shy, he wasn't as forward and pushey as some guys are. ... (47 replies)

... There are plenty of guys out there. ... (47 replies)
... I don't have that with him....even as a friend, how do I keep it while at the same time not getting HIS hopes up? ... (47 replies)
... If there was an event, he'd always offer to drive. He was often overly generous with everybody. ... (12 replies)
... would love the opportunity to be able to support and assist you in whatever way we can. Please don't ever think you aren't a wonderful, intelligent, caring woman with a ton of great qualities to offer the world... ... (12 replies)
... I have always been very shy with low self esteem so I never had confidence to approach guys. ... (4 replies)
Why am I paranoid?
Nov 10, 2010
... ven though being some one with low self esteem it's hard to accept it's something to think about when i do look in the mirror, and even though my boyfriend works with other pretty girls he doesn't see them like that he just see's them as girls he works with. ... (4 replies)
... esteem. Women with very high self esteem also get upset when they find out their boyfriend went to a bachelor party and would have hooked up with another woman but for a friend getting sick. But I sort of feel like you're not giving us the whole picture here. ... (26 replies)
... hope your partner didn't get too unhappy about it!But yeah that is very similiar to how me and my previous partner felt right when we were in the thick of things with vaginismus. ... (11 replies)
... she would constantly tell me of the sexual things she has done with guys, or just the sexual things in general. She came off horribly. ... (73 replies)
... I found a thread that matched what I needed help with on this site. I really need some help in this area. I have been dating the love of my life Sean for a year now, we just celebrated our 1 yr anniversary. ... (5 replies)
... I agree with you rosequartz. It's kinda funny though. ... (159 replies)
... You guys don't love yourselves enough. ... (5 replies)
... I've been in abusive relationships myself and so I know that she probably has low self esteem which can really screw up her mind, causing her to do stupid things like dump a nice guy and go off with an abusive one. ... (24 replies)
... ne everything you can to please this guy and I keep telling you that he doesn't want to be pleased. Nothing you will ever do will ever make him happy and in love with you, because he doesn't want to be happy with you. ... (32 replies)
... Over the past 2 years, guys have come and gone...some WONDERFUL guys who Ive let slip through my fingers due to fear of hurt and rejection. ... (10 replies)
... Thanks for being so concise about the role of the co-dependent!! The solution to being addicted to sugar is not to add more sugar. Meaning just because the BPD says: "hug me all day", does not mean that hug will help at all. The co-dependent, nice, selfless giving man who probably has low self-esteem would be able to develop out of co-dependence by having that unconditional... (15 replies)
... p has a whiter than white complexion, suffers from severe psoriasis all over his legs, has an ok job with enough money to get us by and is no where near aggressive. ... (63 replies)

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