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... I definitely agree that you should move on, date other guys, and not waste anymore time with a guy who not only depresses you, but makes you feel bad about yourself!! ... (13 replies)
... esteem. Women with very high self esteem also get upset when they find out their boyfriend went to a bachelor party and would have hooked up with another woman but for a friend getting sick. But I sort of feel like you're not giving us the whole picture here. ... (26 replies)
... I found a thread that matched what I needed help with on this site. I really need some help in this area. I have been dating the love of my life Sean for a year now, we just celebrated our 1 yr anniversary. ... (5 replies)

... I agree with you rosequartz. It's kinda funny though. ... (159 replies)
... You guys don't love yourselves enough. ... (5 replies)
... I've been in abusive relationships myself and so I know that she probably has low self esteem which can really screw up her mind, causing her to do stupid things like dump a nice guy and go off with an abusive one. ... (24 replies)
... Good question! IMHO, I think it's the way women or I should say girls are raised and the "programming" we receive as young girls. We were or are programmed that we "need" men in our lives to be able to complete... we have movies like Jerry McGuire that sends messages to women that we need a man to be able to raise a well-adjusted kid. I understand about being in... (17 replies)
... It's weird. I guess I'm not a normal guy, because I take breakups or rejections extremely hard. My guy friends think I'm weak because of it. I feel pretty destroyed right now personally. (17 replies)
... I have been here reading everyones posts just to keep me busy and to see if I can help with some advice. I have noticed that alot of women are suffering with the selfesteem issue after a breakup. How is it that we seem to lose our self esteem when a guy turns his back? ... (17 replies)
... I have told her that it seems like every time I get really down I think my hubby's running around on me. She explained it that at these times my self worth is so diminished that I start questioning why he would even want me... ... (86 replies)
... Over the past 2 years, guys have come and gone...some WONDERFUL guys who Ive let slip through my fingers due to fear of hurt and rejection. ... (10 replies)
... Thanks for being so concise about the role of the co-dependent!! The solution to being addicted to sugar is not to add more sugar. Meaning just because the BPD says: "hug me all day", does not mean that hug will help at all. The co-dependent, nice, selfless giving man who probably has low self-esteem would be able to develop out of co-dependence by having that unconditional... (15 replies)
... She moved away from home to go to school. Her first year at college, she lived on campus residence, and she was the same way, slept with a lot of guys. ... (4 replies)
... Maybe some women pick jerks because they have low self esteem and like being treated badly. Or, maybe they appear to be jerks to you, but to the women they aren't jerks. ... (7 replies)
... Give yourself plenty of time. Be generous with yourself. Don't compare your achievements with his, but only with your previous ones. ... (8 replies)
... What I would do if I were you is stop being obsessed with myself .If I felt there were things about myself I couldn't change ,I would just except it. ... (13 replies)
... But i have a huge problem, whenever guys check her out or hit on her, i feel such a rush of insecurities and other problems. She handles it really well, and doesnt go along with it. ... (11 replies)
... ons of themselves and have no concept of other people haveing boundries. They take no consideration of privacy and feelings of other people. The best way to deal with it is just to give up on them getting to treat you right. I know that sounds kind depressing but without extensive therapy they really have no way of changeing. ... (13 replies)
... I have been out of town for the weekend so I am just now getting a chance to read responses and give you all an update of how the 2nd date with this guy went. I now just feel more confused than ever!!!!!! ... (13 replies)
... I really like Scruffy's advice. But it's true, if he continues to be such a downer and always complaining about how boring he is, then I would say go for the other guys. It's nice to be with a person who's modest, but modesty is different from self-loathing. Nobody wants to date someone who's reallly depressing. (13 replies)

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