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... Usually jealousy is caused within yourself. You are insecure about yourself, you may feel that you're not good enough for your boyfriend, you may have low self esteem. Don't feel this way! Try to boost yourself up and find ways to reassure yourself that you are worthy to be loved. ... (8 replies)
... You guys are great!!!!! I feel so much better after reading all of your advice. ... (12 replies)
... ne everything you can to please this guy and I keep telling you that he doesn't want to be pleased. Nothing you will ever do will ever make him happy and in love with you, because he doesn't want to be happy with you. ... (32 replies)

... I know you from the Acne board and maybe you remember me...I have been on their too, searching for help with my teenage son and his acne...Which by the way...thanks to these boards, his acne is clearing up. ... (24 replies)
... its hard to live with such a stigma. ... (16 replies)
... It's not being jealous, it's being a normal person who doesn't want their fiance to be pretending to be single online with other people! SHE is the one with the problem, but she's turning it around on you and making you think you're the bad guy. That's pathological and she really needs some psychological help. ... (17 replies)
... Ok ok you guys are making so much sense. I really need to think about why I stay in relationships when they are just not working and maybe I'm not being treated the best. ... (14 replies)
Is it fate or me?
Nov 21, 2009
... i dont know if this is the right forum to write this thread anyways i wanted to share something personal with u.. ... (5 replies)
... practically everytime! He thought he was "doing" something to me. I thought there was something wrong with me. ... (11 replies)
... we were happy with a long engagement. ... (17 replies)
... I have been involved with others guys besides my ex, but yes, he is essentially the longest and only "real" boyfriend I've had, if that makes sense. I guess I consider the other situations flings. ... (17 replies)
... p has a whiter than white complexion, suffers from severe psoriasis all over his legs, has an ok job with enough money to get us by and is no where near aggressive. ... (63 replies)
... true that the less you look for someone to love, the more likely you are to come across someone wonderful. It is a cliche, but the happier you are with yourself and your life, the better off you will be. ... (34 replies)
Need Help bad
Sep 3, 2004
... I didn't realize at the time but I was so insecure about myself that I could'nt resist the flattery and attention that I got from guys.I would sleep with them hours after I met them and inside my stupid teen age brain I actually thought alot of these encounters were going to become serious relationships. ... (5 replies)
... ll try to keep it short. I recently got in contact with someone I met briefly in college. ... (2 replies)
... oh confused...this is a big step in the wrong direction. this guy is totally controlling you. he has forced your self esteem down so low that i fear you dont think that you deserve better than this creep. do you know why guys do this? ... (32 replies)
... I am a 22 year old college student and am currently in my first serious realtionship with a guy I care about very much! We have been together about 8 months. ... (9 replies)
... didnt show dignity, didnt show any consideration. i spent HOURS on the phone pouring out my heart, crying, discussing things with him...and he couldnt be simply considerate and respectful... ... (43 replies)
... and all the stuff they do. I had a boyfriend when I met this guy, but I recently just broke up with him, so I joined a dating website and saw Joe's profile. ... (1 replies)
I can't do this
Jul 4, 2011
... Yes, all I do is spend time with people. Since I have been back in my hometown I have been go, go, go. ... (44 replies)

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