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... I read your post and every single part of it was me 2 years ago!! im 22 and my first bf was when i was 17 i was with him for 2 years and it was hell because of this problem and we eventually split because of it. ... (36 replies)
... doesn't trust guys in general. I know that's probably infuriating Basically you are being held guilty for what past scumbags have done to her. Which isn't fair to you... ... (6 replies)
Pretty Long!
Mar 30, 2007
... You know she could simply have low self esteem and when someone is nice to her at the start or wants to have sex with her on the first date she mistakenly thinks this is love, but these guys are only using her b/c she is allowing herself to be used. I think she has far deeper issues than anyone in her family or on this board can help with. Your aunt isnt the only one. A... (4 replies)

Mar 27, 2007
... It's openminded when you go out with the guy in an easy way.. ... (23 replies)
... I was like you only the female version. I was 19 before I finally dated someone and he just used me. I dated a few guys like that but they all presented themselves differenlty but ended up being the same. I seemed to pick the wrong type of guy because I settled. ... (8 replies)
... however, when I think about the box cutter thing she pulled... That alone push's me away from her. There was no reason for her to do that and I do not want to be with a girl who is that unstable. ... (22 replies)
... The whole problem with me is that I have had a problem getting back on my feet ever since breaking up with her. ... (3 replies)
Breaking Up?
Jul 8, 2006
... out herself when she is around other people. I know I am quite shy, and it is easier for me to be more relaxed and receptive to new people when I am in a setting with other people who I already know and am already comfortable with. ... (20 replies)
Am I pathetic?
Jun 1, 2006
... I agree that the guys are probably intimidated by you. And now I realize my nose is just fine and its actually kinda cute! ... (11 replies)
May 23, 2006
... e though, the last thing I want is a young business major! I go to a school full of them, they're all business during the day then at night they're the frat boys with popped collars and hoards of girls with fake tans and pearls. ... (35 replies)
May 22, 2006
... use he was afraid I was going to leave, and even then, he refused to tell anyone about our engagement or discuss the details of the wedding. I can't believe the low self esteem I had! I'm so angry at myself for being so naive. ... (35 replies)
... since her early 30s I believe. My mother, even though she was mean to me, was very nice and sweet to the guys she was in a relationship with. She was soo good to my sister's father. ... (138 replies)
... my mother had heard me talk about meeting up with a guy on the phone, so she goes to one of my bros and say "I HOPE she did not meet him online!" I guess I got embarrassed. ... (9 replies)
... Great scenario!! I dont think this should have been "softened up". Evidentally, its just what the OP needed to hear. (21 replies)
... One males perspective. I say stay with him. ... (21 replies)
... I definitely don't see any problems with you wanting to get certain things out of this situation with Raj, but the only thing I would be concerned about is if he was also sleeping with other women? ... (61 replies)
... I know I shouldn't, but I want the sex so much. I really don't think I'm in love with him, it's more lust. I know everyone on here is going to accuse me of having low self esteem or whatever, but he's got something I can't resist sexually. ... (61 replies)
... So you don't think women have to deal with being rejected? ... (66 replies)
... I totally agree with you! I don't think it emasculates a man....unless he has really low self which case maybe you should find a more secure man! ... (66 replies)
... For probably the first time, I disagree with Rose. I think going back and sleeping with him after he treated you so hurtfully and rudely would be spiteful, immature, really demeaning and beneath you. ... (44 replies)

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