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... Sex and chemistry are the easy ways to describe it but no it ISN'T all about sex. It is about the times when we made out at the atm booth. When I would come home for work and she would sit on top of me kissing me. ... (9 replies)
... I am confused too now... usually the guys that are traditional in their beliefs about sex also want to settle down and get married too someday. ... (113 replies)
... but how DARE he kiss another girl when you are oh, so "perfect" in every way....Not to mention "outgoing", "very goodlooking", and you imply in your post that cheating IS in YOUR personality..... ... (53 replies)

... Girl don't do it to yourself. You have to be apart from him to get over him. ... (32 replies)
... I have been friends with a guy for quite some time now. I have also been nursing a HUGE crush on him, well, maybe I oughta call it like it is and say that I'm in love with him. ... (32 replies)
... Ive been seeing this girl for around a month and 3 weeks. The girl im seeing is a sweat shy girl. ... (11 replies)
... I agree, if you have such a weak spot for him and like to "let" him kiss you, then why do you not want to be his girlfriend? ... (11 replies)
... One month ago this week, I walked into a bar and was introduced to a man who changed my life. We didnt talk much that night, but he sang and when he did, his voice lit up the room as well as my heart. By the end of the evening, a slow song came on and several couples went up to dance. ... (5 replies)
Moving on
May 14, 2005
... Sorry if all this is a bit confusing! I've taken it from another board i posted on! ... (9 replies)
... f the kids right now. I can't say I will try to save my marriage. Not this very moment. How can I say I will try to work things out with my husband when my heart is completely with someone else? ... (16 replies)
Jul 29, 2007
... I am in need of some serious advice. Although I'm pretty sure I know what I'm going to get fired back at me, and realize it will mostly be negative, I need to get this out there so someone can please help me with getting my thoughts straight. ... (13 replies)
... months ago I begin dating a guy with an 8 yr old little girl. I never wanted to date anyone that had been married or had kids, but I went out with him anyway and really fell for him. I have met his little girl and we actually have a lot in common. We both like each other as well. ... (16 replies)
... In short, I can't tell you what to do, but I can tell you what my eyes see in your story. I find a lot of mismatches, indecision, ambiguities and yes confusion here. Not in this order. ... (3 replies)
... I have been dating a guy since about March this year but we have been awesome friends for over a year. We get along together really really well but like everyone we have our little disagreements. We have never had a major argument though. ... (3 replies)
... First of all, only after 5 mins in the dance floor and he wants a kiss, if he did that to me, I'd laugh at his face and leave him on the dance floor. ... (20 replies)
... ing her and you are not". what i am jelous of is his spending so much time with my nebighor. I kinda feel like It was my friend, and hes almost taking her away form me.. I am a guy btw. there is big issues about "does she like me"...."is she falling for me". ... (5 replies)
... OK, I read your post a third time and I think I got it. Your BF is upset because you kissed your 6 year old on the lips when he entered the house after his father also kissed him as he dropped him off. Your BF is the one that you are having an argument with off and on and he is the one that leaves the house. ... (43 replies)
... Just a warning........this is long........very long....almost a novel.....beware!!! ... (5 replies)
... I am about to take a huge leap in m life right now and just need a support group if possible... ... (7 replies)
... Here's my story... My ex bf asked for his his time and space last december 2006. he gave me so many reasons that i dont even know which one should i believe... ... (4 replies)

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