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Long distance
Mar 9, 2006
... I seems to me that he may need a little space. Guys are kinda strange like that. Sometimes in the begining we dont quiet know what we want. Thats not to say he doesnt love you but he may still want to hang out with the guys and have his fun as well. ... (3 replies)
... the girls all cooresponded to the guys he was hanging out with. He showed up about midnight and I was having a great time. ... (39 replies)
... Seriously, last night, it came up again. He was like, "You were laying back on her during the superbowl like you guys are gay for each other or something!" I cracked up and said, "SHe was teaching Elizabeth how to french braid, you idiot! OMG!!! ... (4 replies)

... SO TRUE!!! Thanks for the support tho, guys. I really need it and am so pissed at myself for letting him turn this around on me adn for me feeling rejected right now. The thing is, I am mostly just angry at myself--this was just FUN--not attachment. Now, b/c I was intimate w/ him---(a lot!) I seem to be much more attached and hurting that this is over. Guess I am not a cold... (33 replies)
... D you guys are hilarious!! ... (154 replies)
... As I always resort to you guys for help, I would really appreciate your thoughts here. ... (5 replies)
... is friends, and if he did that he must have gotten into trouble. Than I guess she ended up cheating on him... and he says he doesn't ever want to be one of those guys again. You know the ones who lose all contact with thier buddies as soon as they get a girl friend. ... (21 replies)
... Appreciate you guys not letting this one slip through. ... (56 replies)
... that he thinks this way. I love him so much and Im really happy with him. I could not ask for a better guy. It breaks my heart when he compares himself to other guys and says I wont love him no more because he is gaining weight. He says it in a joking way but I know it bothers him. ... (3 replies)
... t to keep from going home with your tail between your legs. I've learned over time that there are some right and wrong ways of doing things and its a shame when guys who continually keep doing the wrong kinds of things don't realize their mistakes and take it personally. ... (24 replies)
... he went all quiet and was like... NO I dont think you will do that... ... (13 replies)
... Bless you guys so much for all your support, I really could use it by this time! ... (71 replies)
Must find out
Sep 28, 2005
... nd you need to stand up for yourself. Far too many women fall into the trap of "Oh... I don't want to seem too clingy or jealous or insecure..." and so they keep quiet and then their guys get away with murder!! Nip it in the bud before it starts. If it means you go through 50 guys before finding the right one, then so be it. ... (7 replies)
... I had a wonderful time, I think all three guys thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and I'd be delighted to see any or all of them again. ... (439 replies)
... think they want to see! I guarantee that anyone who could ever care about you will respect you much more in the long run for it. You appear worried about a few guys that you think look the other way because your not acting the way you think they want to, but here is a news flash for you...You CANNOT read their minds! ... (29 replies)
What should I do??
May 16, 2005
... What do you guys think? ... (22 replies)
Online Dating
May 6, 2005
... to morally think about this....I do trust myself but don't want to appear to anyone here to be doing something wrong. I wholeheartedly am doing this to help you guys out but it is sorta freaky for me. What do you guys think? ... (202 replies)
Being ignored...
Apr 22, 2005
... bout yourself, you're a lot less likely to notice people paying you positive attention. I've experienced this a lot...when I'm in a bad mood, I don't notice any guys looking at me and am always surprised if someone tells me I look beautiful that day. ... (32 replies)
... I suggest to take it slow and in time you will find a nice guy to be with. The chances are that the quiet shy guys are the sincere, committed type of guys. ... (13 replies)
Well, It's over.
Mar 17, 2005
... never lied to you about that either. computers are not an area of interest for me and i dont understand them. i would have been completely bored, frustrated and quiet which in my opinion would have been really rude to you and bryon. ... (6 replies)

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