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... This really helps a lot. It's true, I do care too much about my girlfriend to let being a friend with my ex get in the way of things. I'm sure my ex will understand if I explain things to her. ... (11 replies)
... Then, when the ex partner asked if he would take her back, he did, claiming it was mainly for financial reasons. ... (15 replies)
... where I got the truth out of him. He told me that their relationship was over, and that he only had to take care of the financial and legal obligations. ... (15 replies)

... Of course, I have no idea if this is the case, I'm just giving an example of something that has happened with and to me before. In short, reaching back to an ex is sometimes not always wanting the ex back but just wanting some comfort from a source that has given comfort in the past. ... (47 replies)
... OK, this is still bugging the crap out of me. A few questions to get the female perspective. ... (47 replies)
... desperate here but what do you think the chances of her calling are? ... (47 replies)
... er been in my life, before or since. I really want to have a husband and kids. I don't think it's necessarily nuts for wanting to have someone to love and babies of your own. I thought I was going to get to be happy, and it turned out, I didn't. But there could be something misfiring in my brain, I don't know. ... (174 replies)
... Thanks everyone for your feed back on this. So I can assume from the responses that it would be Ok to send a b-day e-mail or text. I'll just make it short and not emotional. The calls she made on my office over the weekend occured several weeks ago and the call she made and hung up was last week. Since her b-day is not for another month or so, I'm not sure if I should make... (47 replies)
... OK Bluesky this is the b-day week for my friend. I've been fairly stong in my thoughts about not sending a b-day wish but am now vacillating over it. Give me your thoughts....stay strong and not send something or am I over analyzing the whole thing and sending her something would be no big deal? (47 replies)
... enough with this drama, enough of putting in so much energy only to be let down. This time, if she wants things to be different, she can prove it by coming to you. ... (47 replies)
... day. I guess I figure if I keep do the same thing, caving in, I will get the same result. Part of me thinks she really wants to reconnect, but part of me also thinks she's simply sitting back thinking I will cave at some point and call her. ... (47 replies)
... mail picks up a message of her talking with friends, almost like an accidential redial. ... (47 replies)
... cucumber cream thing....ok, well it wasn't that nasty of a cake...but point being, it was her favorite and not a simple task of picking one up at Publix. In fact the only baker I found in the Southeast that would make one was an hour away. ... (47 replies)
... you are Soo adorable and sweet! And no, I don't think your ex breaking up with you is a reflection on you at all. Quite the contrary. Yeah, I'm afraid pheromones account for a lot, unfortunately LOL. ... (263 replies)
Forbidden Love
Sep 7, 2008
... lover. Do you think all 10 of the women who died today thought their lives were in danger when the abuse first started? ... (15 replies)
... ionship. How would thing be any different if we went out to a movie or went out for a few drinks. You may or may not agree with this but if we hung the chances of us having sex and getting close again are very high. I don't want to put myself in that position. ... (20 replies)
Dec 7, 2003
... I will also tell you I have sat on both sides of this fence. My first husband cheated on me. Our friends all knew about it. When confronted, he lied and denied it, over and over again. ... (73 replies)
... Which would make me wonder, too. Why is it so important to be friends with an old lover who treated you poorly while you were lovers? ... (50 replies)
... And what a great way to show me how much you 'really care'. Yeah right. I finally got him out of my life. I hope for good this time. ... (19 replies)
... As a FORMER cheater (you all better get use to that ) :) I would have to say he is hiding something from you. Don't know what, but he is probably hiding something that he feels you would not approve of... could be big, could be small... But also let's be real... there have been SOOOOO many times when I have tried to be honest (just about small innocent things) that were not... (46 replies)

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