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... True....You are like me and can't handle change well :rolleyes: you need to accept that this is a cycle and will be the cylce to other people also. Its like the ol' saying " you win some and you lose some". The real friends stick by but as people grow they go on with life in thier path. This is what is suppose to happen even though you can't accept to it. Its change and... (19 replies)
Second chances???
Mar 19, 2008
... not the person he cheated on me with. But even so, with the trust issues i have with him he will not be hanging out with her. He already said he is totally aware of that and I didnt even have to say the words. Right now he still hangs around her because it is his group of friends, including my brother... ... (37 replies)

Second chances???
Mar 19, 2008
... I'm not going to tell you what to do, but I gotta say, if it were me, I'd tell him "when that woman is no longer a part of your life and no longer hangs around you, then we can talk about getting back together. ... (37 replies)
... hey, thanks, yes, hopefully everything works out for the best, but right now its just soo hard, lol, i come in here and plead my case and it sounds worse than what it is, some day she will realize i hope but if not oh well, Some day become friends (10 replies)
... Something like that and I see your take on it but what I meant was when I cross a yearbook picture or a song that reminds me of a past time then I will go into a daze and think about that for sometime. ... (28 replies)
... She doesn't love him. She is infatuated with the IDEA of him. ... (56 replies)
... Well, I think perhaps that depends on your perspective. I'd be willing to bet his common law wife would say there's a lot wrong with and a lot of harm in that. I would be very concerned if the guy I was living with still thought about and missed an old lover. ... (15 replies)
... girlfiend about their past, knowing full well that you won't like to hear the details. And once you they tell you about a former lover or what have you, it eats away at you and then you say to yourself "I wish I didn't know... ... (28 replies)
Dec 7, 2003
... My ex lover and I talked about this several times. Would our spouses leave us if they knew. I sincerely doubt he would leave me. ... (73 replies)
Weird to me?
Mar 25, 2010
... lover of which she was unfaithful with as a friend. Unless she is not committed to you exclusively, he needs to be out of the picture, period. ... (7 replies)
... he is not even aware that we were involved before he agreed to take her back. As far as she is concerned, she has a good, honest man. She doesn't know the side of him that I know. ... (15 replies)
... Yeah I mean I have to admit that I do still kind of have some feelings for her (in spite of all this -again makes no sense). I mean when we were together, it was just INCREDIBLE. We laughed all the time, had so many of the same interests; the way she looked at me, the way she used to smile....holding her in my arms all those evenings. Spending the nights together. Up until... (10 replies)
... It really is just a matter of common sense here. ... (19 replies)
... t to me as well. I had the grades to earn a full academic scholarship and wanted the man I eventually married to have a college degree as well. And that was part of the reason that I left a man who loved me very much. ... (27 replies)
... ady to accept the relationship is likely over. If he is with another women, do you think she will accept that wants to remain friendly with his former girlfriend of three years? ... (27 replies)
... feel much better....also makes me feel so much better that i never took the next step...the physical step.....not that i would but i think it's been in the back of both of our minds these past few months. ... (182 replies)
... I dont think she is in love with this guy, Just wants to see him and say hello. Darn if you like your boyfriend as much as you say, WHY are you married,? I feel bad for your Poor husband, If my wife did that to me, She be gone. :nono: (182 replies)
... and have other significant differences...I'm a little worried that part of the problem for you might be that who you are and what you're ideally looking for in a relationship might not be compatible. ... (300 replies)
I'm all messed up
Apr 25, 2006
... Hiya, no, I don't think I want him as a friend if I can't have him as a lover. Why would I? I am supposedly his friend now, but I don't get treated as one. You don't tell a friend you will call them back, and then don't, or maybe you do. I guess I have done that before. I agree that if he does move on and forget about me in a month that his feelings couldn't have been very... (13 replies)

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