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... signs. I use to be big on this, however, like anything else I took it as words that can bring about positive things in our lives. I, as we all know here, read signs as messages from God directing me in my life. Signs like a tour guide from Nebraska whose "uncle" works at the college my daughter wishes to attend. ... (39 replies)
... I spent alot of time when I was in my 20's & 30's with sun-signs and moon-signs. The truth is that life is what YOU make of it - not what someone else tell you it will become. If I end up married 50+ yrs to someone who is not a "compatible sign" with me - well, then it speaks to our committment, friendship, love & determination. Signs from God are different than those... (39 replies)
... stuff and they can all be in different signs. That's getting more complicated than I usually like to bother with. But most general zodiac info will include what signs are best suited to yours. ... (39 replies)

... en is not that bad, so don't let it get you down. You are compatible with a lot of men, including Aires, Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, which would probably be the best signs for you. You do need to take this book with a grain of salt. I just thought it was interesting reading. ... (39 replies)
... Yes, you are right about that. I had my whole chart done. I'm a Saggitarius with a Scorpio rising and a Virgo moon. Scorpios are very attracted to me because I have the Scorpio rising. Also it depends on Venus and Mars. My Venus is in Scorpio and my Mars is in Pisces. Wow! Both water signs, so it makes me have a sensual love style. :D (39 replies)
... Well, you share a b-day with one of my very good friends and she's just like you in many respects! She's not the "sensitive," teary-eyed, overly romantic pisces who gets easily attached to one man, either. Anyway, for her, a great match turned out to be a libra. Now I'm curious what Justin's sign is. :D (39 replies)
... it probably is, or if there is another sign that even more accurately fits in with my personality. Does anyone know of any other good astrology resources about signs and relationships or about how to learn more specifically about your astrological profile besides just your sun sign? ... (39 replies)
... Hiya! (there, I said your name & greeted you in one word! lol) I don't know about the Zodiac signs that are supposed to be better suited for one another but I have been wondering if me & my husband are clashing because we are both Cancers!!? I'll be following this thread to find out what everyone thinks. And I have to tell you that you said something that is familiar... (39 replies)
... Just from my own observations, I think there seems to be a little something to it in that people under the same sign do seem to share a lot of the same characteristics, though a lot more goes into determining who you become than just the date you were born. I guess I'm sort of stuck in between the two philosopies of fate and self-determination. I mean, let's face it, life... (39 replies)
... Come on Stacy, as intelligent as you are, you cannot possibly take this stuff so seriously! It's ridiculous and you know it. I personally know some female Pisces who are happilly married and not the overly romantic dreamers, either. Please don't let some astrology book make you feel "doomed." That's absurd. You are young and you are still discovering yourself so probably... (39 replies)
... Stacy ~ I think that what is going on now is your "Murphy's Law" and general way of thinking. Since you already admitted that you usually do not subscribe to astrology, it's a case of looking at anything that you can possibly use to validate the way you are feeling at this particular moment in your life. If you were feeling the newness of love today and your heart were... (39 replies)
... Hey GE--I got the book in the mail today, and I read the part about Pisces :confused:. It basically said we're way too romantic and dreamy and live in our imaginations rather than in reality, so we'll never be happy and always be lonely?? :confused: :eek:. I know it's kind of harsh, but some of it was accurate--definitely not all of it, I don't think I'm into fairy tales and... (39 replies)
... I don't really think there are any signs that are necessarily more or less compatible. But decided what kind of person you like may have a lot to do with what sign and house Venus is in your chart. ... (39 replies)
... I think I lean toward the neurochemicals gone haywire theory!! :eek: But actually, I already have forgotten about him the best I could, my best unfortunately just really sucks. which I think is the blessing and the bane of the whole astrology ideology anyway. In a way, believing in it too much I think encourages you to give up responsibility for your own life. But at the... (39 replies)
... I guess you should just try and forget about him the best you can.... I dont know why we obsess about others... is it a process of ultimately learning some important life encompassing lesson or just messed up neurochemical reactions gone haywire :eek: Oh well, I wish you the best and hope things get easier and happier for you in time to come. (39 replies)
... Yes, he was Irish/English and acutally looked a lot like Paul McCartney. My father actually was not at all happy about my dating a white man, for this very reason, figuring that there's only one thing a white man would want from a latin girl. I also have some African-american blood, and I let him know this on our 4th date. I thought he had the right to know what he was getting... (39 replies)
... Thank you Sophia, and everyone else too. I was feeling pretty down in general--I don't like it when I feel stagnant and uncertain about things. But Sophia, you are right...I don't and haven't ever bought into astrology as a way to predict things anymore than I believe in religion or any other theories with no factual basis or proof. Yet there is more to the world than we... (39 replies)
... Hey Nini, I remember you said previously you were hispanic. Was your ex white? and if he was do you think he could have been a bit subconsciouly racist, narrow minded and that might have played a part in his actions towards you in terms of the rigid expectations he put on you to act a certain way and uphold a certain set of morals and principles? (39 replies)
... ...or isn't out there at all, which is the other unpleasant possibility, but a possibility nonetheless. I guess it'd be easier for my heart to accept and believe what you're saying if he'd been the only person I'd ever known who ever exhibited unprovoked hostility toward me, but it seems to be a pattern. Almost everyone I've ever known on any kind of real level deeper than... (39 replies)
... Well, as far as your ex, I just know that he wasn't the man for you and you would never be able to have a beautiful home and family with him. From everything you've ever wrote about your relationship, it's obvious to me that his current wife is treating him FAR worse than anything you might have ever unintentionally said to upset him, and yet he's staying with her. ... (39 replies)

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