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Having had RLS for 20 to 30 years (before I even knew what it was) I have tried all sorts of methods to curb it short of actual prescribed drugs. As a result of combining several approaches I do seem to have minimised it quite a bit. I take iron and magnesium supplements alternately and a couple of years ago someone recommended tonic water because of the quinine content. It may be psychological but I can now go for days without any restless feet:(in my case RLS only ever affects my feet and then one foot at a time.) Recently I heard second hand from a judo instructor that lying flat on your back with your legs raised vertically against a wall helps to ease the onset of an attack. I was dubious but tried it when I did suffer RLS after I'd gone to bed. Five minutes with my legs raised and my heels pressed against the wall was as much as I could manage. I got back into bed unconvinced, but the next thing I knew was that I was waking up again hours later. Since then I've tried the same on infrequent occasions and it has worked almost every time. As well as easing RLS, it seems to help insomnia, too.

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