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Re: Requip
Jun 3, 2004
[QUOTE=auzldy] Haven't had success with magnesium but will try again with the suggested dose of 1000mg. Worth a try! I HATE this RLS(QUOTE]

I know I hated RLS too, I felt like a mental patient. It got so bad that during the day, I'd look down at my calves and point out to my husband how they were quivering all by themselves. Then I'd get him to massage them, and I couldn't even lie still. I had to keep stretching them out (during the massage even). The massage helped but my husband had to do it every night in order to work or my muscles tighted up again. RLS was just the worst thing I've EVER experienced. I hope EVERYONE here figures out what works for them to be able to just SLEEP. :angel:

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