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Hi from Southern Oregon

I was diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome several years ago. My mother, who is now 91, mentioned that she has had the same symptoms but not as bad as mine.

It starts in when I lie down on the couch in eves to watch TV. Then it continues after I go to bed. I don't feel the creepy crawly stuff like many other experience, but I can't keep my legs still and the worst thing is something I haven't heard identified with RLS (hoping someone can help with this) and that is a need to stretch my legs, a very hard full leg stretch from every muscle at the top of the thigh down to my feet. This happens when I wake up also. It is uncomfortable, almost painful, and I can't seem to NOT do it.

Other symptom is occasional jerkiness. I also have full body "jerks" as I have read about from other posters, and it happens just as I fall into that twilight time of going to sleep. Then wham! just once, and anyone else in the bed is very suddenly awakened. These are very infrequent.

I live with this by taking clonazepam o.5 mg. I was told this will help with the RLS symptoms and also might help me with panic attacks, which I suffered from as a pre-teen and then again in my 30's (very seriously). I also have a fear of heights and high bridges that I just try to deal with.

I also took Mirapex along with the Clonazepam until I couldn't afford it anymore. Being off it doesn't seem to make any difference.

My BIG QUESTION: I have osteoarthritis everywhere (not in hips yet). I have it in my knees very badly. I had arthroscopy surgery on L knee to repair torn meniscus. My right knee is long overdue for a total knee replacement, but the doc wants me to wait as long as I can before having the surgery as replacements don't yet last too many years and I am 63.

My worry is that because of the incredible need to stretch my legs during the night (which IS helping me keep muscles firm!), I am very concerned that this stretching activity will make a knee replacement difficult or impossible since there are muscles around the knees. Obviously, following surgery this stretching (which I hate) could really complicate recovery. It obviously might not even be possible, yet my brain (I guess it is) wants to stretch.

Weird, I know, but I am putting off the surgery. I have not talked with the surgeon yet, just starting to do some investigating on my own.

Any feedback? Surely someone in America has both a leg stretching problem and a need to have a knee replacement! ;)
Well, hello neighbor. I'm from coastal Washington state. I am also 63 and have osteoarthritis, but mine is worst in my hands and feet. No problems to speak of with my knees yet, so I can't speak to that problem.

My late husband's doctor recommended 1000 mcg. folic acid at bedtime for his restless legs syndrome. I tried the same when I started getting the problem and it solved it for me. I've since reduced that to 400 mcg., as I'm now eating so many vegetables that I don't think I need that much extra in a supplement. I haven't had that problem now for several years.

I understand that sometimes iron deficiency can cause the problem, too. If you haven't had your iron checked recently, you might ask that to be included in your next blood test.

I'd also suggest that you read the information about RLS on some of the websites, such as the Mayo Clinic site.

Oh, about the occasional full body jerk as you are falling asleep. I really don't think that is related to RLS. I get those, too, occasionally. As I understand it, though, it is nothing to be really concerned about, it is just the tense muscles finally relaxing.

I hope someone else will be able to speak to the knee replacement questions. It does sound like quite a dilemna.

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