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Hi Runner,
Sounds like RLS to me. As you research RLS you'll find that the list of symptoms can be as different as the people that have it. There is a gudieline for RLS, but research is finding out that list may be too short. Don't assume your symptoms aren't just your way of RLS. There's tons of us that don't fit the mold perfectly. Until the past few years I was told RLS was not painfull. Mine is, now research shows that more than half experience pain.
Sounds like your doing the right things to stay on top of your health, that's great.
What you might be lacking is iron. It might be a good idea to have some blood work done. Your blood iron/ferritin levels should be check. Be careful about adding iron to your list of supplements unless you take to your doctor.
Michele is right try everything, non medication, you can to help. Hot baths might help before bed or during an attack.
I have one trick to share with you, my family giggles but uses it.
A small hotel size bar of soap. No Dial or Dove. Unwrapped, placed just under the bottom sheet of you bed. I know, it' strange and it is NOT a simply helps. I have three bars in bed.....feet, thigh, and shoulder. It's cheap and worth a shot.
The other thing I will tell you is that no matter what kind of doctor you see, do see one if you sleep starts to decrease enough to fatigue starts to effect you. Sleep deprivation can do rotten things to your body. Don't let it go to far.
Good luck and Keep Running!

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