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Okay about 3 days ago, my husband told me that I had a bad night, and I was like what, and he told me that I moved more than usual in bed. Now I never thought that I moved much in bed, just a flip from my stomach to my back and vice versa. So I brought that up and he said NOOOO.

Anyway he told me that I woke him up in the middle of the night and my legs were moving like I was running, he said this went on for like 15 minutes and he said that he didn't want to wake me up incase he starteled me, and he said that I do this all of the time but the other night was different. He said that after I was done moving my legs, I flipped from my back to my stomach and I sent him into the air, and I laughed it off and he told me that it wasn't funny.

Now I see where he gets these bruises on his legs from, I thought that he was banging them at work more because we do move estates, so he is always moving furniture and such. And when I would always ask him how did you get that bruise he would aways tell me that I did it, now I know that I did do it. I feel so bad for my husband that he has to live with me, in our bed and go through all of that, thank God we have a King size bed.

Anyway I had posted on here not that long ago that if you put soap in the bed by your legs or tie to your leg that it helps with RLS, I had heard this from a friend, so I thought, what the heck. I placed a bar of soap under my fitted sheet by my legs last night. And I feel like I got the best night of sleep, I don't feel exhausted today and I feel very alert.

I can't believe how one little thing can make you feel so different.

Anyway, the bar of soap works, I used Ivory. So now my husband is making fun of me because I am sleeping with a bar of soap. But I say, hey at least you can sleep now and so can I.

He told me that he doesn't remember me waking up last night, which I was unaware of.


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