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RLS symptoms
Dec 29, 2005
I have had the RLS type symptoms since I was a teenager and nobody could understand my problems. I understand now that it may have something to do with Diabetes verve damage!? Diabetes is hereditary in my fathers family and my father also suffered from RLS, mostly in his later years and when he was hospitalized the doctors prescribed Quinine capsules (200mg) which seemed to help!!? I drink a glass or two of Tunic Water which contains quinine.

Sometimes I rub my legs with "Tigerbalm" and that seems to help a lot as well.

I would like to know if some one else had any experience with Quinine?

I visited a Tibetan doctor in San Diego that once cured a Sevier shingle type nervus pain in my chest with herbal medicine and he told me that about half of the nerves of the body end in the Gallbladder. It seems that Gallbladder is also the cause of many leg pains that western medicine associate them with Sciatic nerves etc.

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