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Has anyone tried putting a bar of soap (unwrapped) between the sheets to relieve restless legs?

Last week my whole body had the restless feeling and had not been able to sleep for a few nights. Heard about a bar of soap helping restless legs but no one seems to know why it works.

I decided to toss a couple bars of soap between the sheets, and believe it or not I slept sound all night. Been sleeping with a bars of soap in bed for a week now and still sleeping good.

Thist might be of help to others, can't hurt you, nothing taken internally, etc.

If you try this and it helps, please come back and let us know.

It seems that no one knows why this works. Even Nurses are telling people about this even tho it is not known why it works.
You put it toward the bottom of the bed (by your feet), between the sheet and the mattress or mattress pad. It's been in our local papers many times, when people write in to the local doctor that writes in the paper, and they ask how to do this. I have done it for about a year and a half, and I can honestly say however, and why it works, I have no idea, but it does. You can feel it in the bed with your feet once in a while so use a soap with rounded corners, and it must be unwrapped. Try it, you'll like it! My husband has one on his side of the bed also, because he suffers from RLS too. We both have found relief. Can't hurt!
[QUOTE=Abbycakes;2682170]Hmmm...interesting. A few questions: Does it matter what kind of soap? Do you put it at the bottom of the bed? Or, do you put it between your legs? Does it go between you and your partner, if applicable? I just can't get a "mind movie" of how this is suppose to play out.
Abbycakes :)[/QUOTE]

Doesn't matter what kind. I use Coast. Makes your room smell good too. Just put them in the bed with you, preferably near the problem area. It does work.

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