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Years ago I read about putting an unwrapped bar of soap between the sheets to help you sleep and to settle the restless legs. I just laughed and went on my merry way!

A week ago I was having trouble going to sleep and sleeping all night (mind would not shut down, restless feeling all over). I decided there was nothing to lose, so I put a bar of soap between the sheets and slept good all night. I continue to sleep with the bar of soap and have had great nights of sleep.

I have searched the internet until I am blue in the face trying to find out why/how it works. It has been a mystery for many years and continues to be a mystery.

Last week I shared this info with a friend and it is working for her too.

It does not seem to matter what brand soap is used. I used Dove brand, my friend used Lifebouy, and have read that some people use Ivory as well as other brands.

It sounds wacky, but works!! Soooo.....please join me and hopefully you will reap benefits from a bar of soap too!
Glad the soap is working for you. The idea has been around for along time. Some people "swear by it;" others don't find it has any effect. If it works for you, then, "go for it." I keep soap under my sheets, just in case!! But, I can't tell that it has any effect. I have had desperate times when I would have eaten the soap if someone said it had helped their RLS!!!! There is the theory that that are two types of soap that don't work. I never remember which ones they are.....I think I have Dove under my sheets. It keeps falling out (I'm a wild sleeper) but I keep putting it back in!!!

Good luck and I'm glad you have found some relief!!!

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