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I just read that there are 2 home remedies that sound ridiculous but are worth trying...if it works, it's certainly better than putting medication in your body... Ivory soap and Quinine Water... Google it if you are curious. There is a recorded remedy that if you place soap (and they go on to name Ivory) under your sheets (and probably it's okay to place it under a mattress pad cover) near where your legs are, in two or three days there is a reported difference in your restlessness. Also, tonic/quinine supposedly slows it down significantly.

Good luck. I have recommended this to my cousin who has RLS and doesn't want a pharmaceutical fix for it!
I swear by tonic water! I've been suffering with RLS since I was a teen. Am 48 now and, about 10 or so years ago my mother-in-law suggested quinine. And, every time that awful sensation comes over my legs, I drink a small bottle of tonic water and within minutes I am fine. A real life-saver. And marriage-saver, too, since my spasms used to keep my husband awake as well.

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