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I am glad it works for some people. Not me though:(

That was the first thing I tried.

#2 was Requip
#3 was klonapin (sp? sorry)
#4 was Mirapex
#5 was neurontin
#6 was a SUPER dose of B-12
And now #7.......Drum roll please!!!!
LYRICA!!!! It is helping!! Not 100% but it is taking the edge off:bouncing:
I can get to sleep now 5 or 6 nights a week without Ambien:jester:

The only problem now is getting insurance to pay for it!! :mad:[/QUOTE]
Hi here is something you can try becasue I was going crazy to and I would not take the medicine for RLS. Norflex is a relaxer. it helped me sleep. I work outside and when it is cold my legs start to hurt and knee and hip. I think the cold is in my bones. Give it a try. I have a bar of Dove soap at the end of my bed sheets it helps with leg cramps been using it for years. you can also put something under your sheets and make sure both your feet touch it legs out straight pushing at it. I also wrap my legs up in a throw blanket. Hope this helps.

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