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Searching for an underlying problem is the most wise start in your quest for relief. Many neurological and diverse problems can cause your legs to be irritable. Do whatever it takes to relieve stress in your life.and then be sure and hide the body where nobody will find it

Take a good quality multi-vitamin
(with emphasis on magnesium, folate and IRON) daily.
You may have to experiment with different forms of iron until you find what works for you since many RLS victims have a problem with the way their body processes iron. "Trial and error" until you find what works for you.
*Folic acid is the synthetic form of folate.
(which is found naturally in foods like leafy green veggies, peas, fortified cereals etc.)
Folic acid and folate are forms of water-soluble vitamin B.
Eating a well balanced diet is important also. Eating a banana every day will help your potassium levels which can be helpful in fighting restless leg syndrome. Anemia can cause multiple problems.

It is vital to scrutinize every medication you are taking. Make sure you are not a borderline diabetic. Many doctors say alcohol is part of the problem.
Smoking speaks for itself.
The total elimination of caffeine and chocolate has been helpful to many suffering from restless leg syndrome.
If you are overweight, please lose down to your perfect size. That would certainly be beneficial in your search for relief!

Some people find it helpful to put weight on their legs or to wear tight pants at night. Avoid exercise before going to bed however morning exercise is great as long as it is not excessive. Experiment with both warm and cold baths to see if either help you. Electric nerve stimulation is another treatment to consider as well as massages, heating pads and ice packs.

Many people refuse to help themselves with the basics... yet are willing to spend thousands of dollars on doctors and pills.
That is ignorant and very dangerous.
Of course there are multiple prescription drugs available that are too numerous too discuss. Obviously some of these drugs has been a help.
Over the counter pain medicine such as ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) may be helpful also.

I also heard that tonic water can help the symptoms of RLS.
Let me warn those who don't know...Tonic water is nasty by itself.
It must be drank as part of a mix (OJ or another fruit juice).

Replace any bad bedtime habits with good sleeping habits.
Don't allow bedtime to become worry time!


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