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Jul 16, 2007
I have insomnia as well as RLS, what a party :D . Anyway, I have been taking Benadryl at night to help me sleep and realized it was causing my RLS to be worse! Just thought I'd pass that along in case anyone else is taking this.
Re: Benadryl
Jul 17, 2007
I have found the same thing. I used to be able to take Benadryl when younger but have tried several times recently to help with my sleep ( Have fibromyalgia as well as RLS) and all it does is sup me up making me less able to sleep and as you said does nothing to help the RLs.

Currently I am taking the generic for Klonopin (can't remember the name) and find that hepls with both my issues. BUT can not take it everynight - sometimes 1/2 does is all I need. Do not want to become addicted to it, so use it sparingly.

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