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Hi - sorry no one has responded to you. I have restless leg syndrome and can only tell you what I experience. It is this overwhelming need to move your leg or legs. This is a feeling that you just can not overcome or control. The more you try not to move them the worse it is. You know it is coming and you just have to move them, massage them, get up and walk or what ever can bring a little relief. It can cause nights of misery for sure with little or no sleep.

There are medicines that can help. I take klonopin which helps - have been told not to take it every night as can be addicting. Some folks are on requip. Others have luck with a bar of soap (learned today Dove is good and your feet must touch it) in the bed with you.

I do not think there is one answer that helps everyone - trial and error only. He needs to talk to his doctor and see what is recommended. Not sure what wrestlers leg is or if is the same thing so can not help there.

Good luck.

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