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I have rls symptoms when I am tired mostly. The more tired I am the worse it is but I don't want to take requip during the day because it makes me sleepy. I wish there was a way to alleviate the symptoms during the day because I find sometimes at work my body just wants to jerk around when I'm sitting at my desk and I have to stand to work on the computer. I don't know what causes it except just being tired and maybe the body is just saying take it easy but when I try to listen it just gets worse. I take requip usually 4 or 6 mg as early as I can before going to bed. If I take it too late I end up walking around in misery for an hour or so, but eventually it takes hold and I get to sleep. Good breathing helps...get a rhythym in your breathing when you lie down and all of a sudden everything works together and you are asleep.

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