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hi, i have suffered with RLS since 1999. the first couple of months drove me mad, couldnt sleep, i didnt know what it was, i was pacing the floor all night, tried everything from massaging to useing a TENS which only helped for a while because it had a timer on it for only 5 minutes so i gave up with it. i went to my doctor and she put me on Quinine which was wonderful. At last i slept all night. then it came bak again and was SEVERE! My doctor said there wasnt anything else she could give me and i went back to the same thing and out of bed, rubbing my legs, and that went on for a couple of years! I eventually looked on the internet and read about REQUIP so i went back to my doctor begging to try this. She agreed but had to get permission first to prescribe it for RLS. I got some in the end. It stopped my RLS symptons great but i had the side effect Insomnia!!! i lay awake all night! I went on for a long time like this. i saw my doctor for another reason and she stopped the AMIPTRIPYLINE i was taking at a high dose to DULOXITINE. I sat down one night in the quite and thought back when i first got RLS and worked it out that when i was on AMIPRTIPTYLINE and the QUININE had stopped working it started when my dose was increased!
i stopped taking the DULOXITINE for a couple of days and WOW!!!!! NO MORE RLS!!! then i got withdrawal symptons so i have been lowering the dose by halfing the granules out of the capsules. now i am off these drugs and am totally FREE at last!!
if anyone is on any of these drugs i would say to you...think back to when you started them and when your RLS symptons got worse!!
it worked for me after all these years!
thank you for reading this and i would like to know if anyone else tries this and works for them :angel:

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