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I have been treated for RLS for the last 5 years with the drug Requip (ropinrole HCL) 1 mg each night, about an hour before bedtime. I have found great relief using this medication. My doctor recommended supplements of iron AND vitamin C (taken together) because being anemic can increase the symptoms, and bring them on earlier in the day.

Have you been to a sleep lab for overnight sleep studies?

I am also interested in the bar of soap does that work?

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It's almost getting to be funny how doctors jump on the iron deficiency bandwagon...I know my doctor did and iron supplements didn't help me. I have since learned that researchers have found iron deficiencies in the brains of about 25 people who had restless leg syndrome....I certainly hope the doctors are prescribing iron tablets based on more scientific research than that one study.

My sleep specialist offered three possible treatments for the almost 500 movements/night I was experiencing.

1. Cpap treatment to bring my oxygen levels up to normal when I sleep. Sometimes low oxygen levels in the body can set off body movements.

2. Iron supplementation...otc supplements because this helped reduce the movements in some people (again, I have to wonder HOW many people it has helped).

3. Mirapex, a prescription medication often used for the treatment of parkinsons disease. This treatment actually made my movements worse which the doctor attributed to a dose that was too strong.

Despite seeing my primary and my sleep specialist many times over a two year period of time, I found the cure for my condition without their help and despite their denials, and completely by accident..

My movements stopped when I stopped taking a water pill for high blood pressure . Apparently my medication had depleted some of the electrolytes in my body. Once I was able to eat healthy meals and rebalance my electrolytes (magnesium in particular), my movements ceased. Other posters have confirmed what I found out by accident...

I would suggest you review some of the older posts on magnesium and potassium. Apparently our doctors failed their basic "Nutrition" classes!


PS As far as the bar of soap goes, I consider it an old wives tale. Although I've seen it mentioned many times and in many places, I do not recall anyone personally saying it worked...and unless one is allergic to the ingredients, I suppose it couldn't hurt.

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