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Hi again! :)

[QUOTE=elle45;3997070]I was taking lexapro and started having RLS symptoms, I have switched to Celexa 20mg,and symptoms subsided. I also take Melatonin 5mg with no problem. Good Luck!


Melatonin, after a while when it reaches it's fullness in your system will give you RLS like you never wished you had.

[quote]Restless legs syndrome (RLS) affects about 10% of the Caucasian population. In those it affects, it can be extremely disrupting to the sleep cycle. It has been suggested recently that circadian rhythms play an important role in symptom modulation. This study was undertaken to evaluate the effect of circadian rhythms on subjective leg discomfort in persons with RLS.

Seven patients with RLS were matched for age and sex with healthy controls. Subject protocols consisted of an 8-hour polysomnogram followed by 2-hour units during which the patients evaluated their subjective vigilance, provided salivary samples, had a free walk period, and then were confined to a reclining chair. Units were repeated for a 28-hour period. Participants were asked to quantify their leg discomfort every 5 minutes on a visual analog scale. Results showed that in both groups, leg discomfort and periodic leg movements were significantly correlated with subjective vigilance, core body temperature, and salivary melantonin, but the changes in melantonin were the only ones that preceded an increase in symptoms in the RLS patients. This [B]finding indicates that melantonin might be implicated in the worsening of RLS symptoms at night[/B].

This study has implications for nurses, because melatonin is quite readily available in health food stores and advocated for sleep inducement. Overall it adds to the growing body of knowledge regarding complementary therapies and their positive and negative effects. [B]Persons with RLS may be advised to avoid melatonin-containing products or food as a way to help improve their sleep patterns[/B].

Michaud, M., Dumont, M., Selmaoui, B., Paquet, J., Fantini, M.L., & Montplasir, J. (2004). Circadian rhythm of restless legs syndrome: Relationship with biological markers. Annals of Neurology, 55, 372-380.

I don't know about you, but I know that some people might disagree just because they dislike what the other person says. :)But in my case...I'm only concerned and trying to help. You can continue to take melatonin, and it might seem to work at the onset of it, but when the melatonin levels in your body will only get worse. As for good "luck"...I personally don't believe in luck but believe in a sovereign God who works all things for His good purpose to those who love Him. Hope this helps!:)


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