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Sleep clinic
Feb 14, 2011
I have had Restless leg syndrome all my life..As a child my mum would call it growing pains :) I am now in my 50s and the pain is still there still the same kind of pain.
Now i have dreadful insomnia and i havnt slept in a bed for years... Little point when i have to get up every half hour or so!! to pace the floor.

I would say i have these symptoms every night and days sometimes but it varies in severity..
For me it is like a dull gnawing toothache deep in my legs and joints, also muscle cramps, moving them or getting up relieves it for a while and the more activity i do in the day the worse it is..

For the past year i have also had intense burning in my feet and to walk on then is very painful... I have on several occasions filled up a bowl of cold water and plunged my feet in for relief!!
Now on top of everything i have started to get the same muscle cramps in my hands.. And my vision has deteriorated, blurred and double vision.

I have had quinine,didnt work.
Amitriptyline that made RLS 100 times worse
Diazapam..fantastic but gp will only perscribed very infrequently for obvious reasons.
Now on Gabapentin an anti convulsant for epilepsy and it had wiped me out.
Worsened my vision and whilst i can sleep through the night because im so sedated i cant wake up...I continue in a trance like state all day..Stringing a sentence together is almost impossible, nausea and after 14 days of this i gave up with the medication...

I have now been referred to a sleep clinic.Does anyone know what they will do for me..
This condition is getting worse as i get older and it has impacted so much on my life,my relationships and my career... I can longer work because of it..
Any advise would be appreciated Elle

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