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The primary symptom of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is the involuntary movement of various limbs, i.e., legs, feet, arms, etc., when sitting or laying down for any period of time. These symptoms usually are not relieved by massaging or hot baths, rather by medication. If you are not experiencing this type of problem, then you probably don't have RLS. Your comment regarding being given quinine for kicking leg syndrome is in line with some of the medications prescribed for RLS. It is probably one of the most common drugs prescribed by doctors unfamiliar with RLS when they hear the complaints of their patients. Quinine is the correct treatment for leg cramps, which many doctors confuse with restless leg. It is not considered an effective RLS medicine now and has been known to even cause some problems. Since you complain of constant pain, a visit to a Neurologist might be in order. Good luck.

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