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These are symptoms I have experienced periodically from 4/27/02 - Present. It is very hard to remember everything so I have kept a log documenting these symptoms as to provide you with an accurate account of what I have experienced.

Frequent leg cramps; generally in calve area but often sometimes extending up into my quads.
I have experienced this "cramping" mainly in the evenings starting as early as 8:00 PM and they usually proceed off and on throughout the night. I also experience these cramps occasionally throughout the day if I have sat for an extended period of time. I am a mechanical engineer by trade and must sit and perform design work on a computer for 8 hours per day 5 days per week. I can temporarily relieve this cramping by getting up and walking around, rubbing the effected area or taking a hot bath.

Occasional crawling feeling on my feet, shins and calves, mainly in the evenings. Sometimes similar to something moving the hairs on my legs. I have been able to temporarily relieve these symptoms by moving my legs around or rubbing my feet back and fourth on the floor.

Tingling, prickly type feeling in one or both of my legs accompanied with a general, sometimes dull achy feeling in my legs. This prickly feeling extends from the bottom of my feet to the base of my knee. I can only describe this prickly feeling as being stabbed with needles. Achy feeling is very similar to "growing pains". When experiencing these symptoms I can only somewhat relieve them while moving my legs or walking. I cannot completely stop this sensation. This sensation is usually gone when I wake up the next morning "IF" I can sleep through it.

I have woken my wife or myself up by suddenly jerking my leg or legs during sleep. I have found no way to relieve these symptoms.

Occasional muscle twitches in my hands, arms, legs and back. The twitches are mainly in my quads and upper arms. These twitches usually occur during the day after I have sat still for an extended period of time or just went to bed. These twitches are in different areas and generally consist of only one forceful twitch and then it is gone. There is no pain involved in these twitches and they don't last very long. They are just very annoying. (It has always been a common thing for me to experience occasional muscle twitches and I think that I may just "hyperaware" that they are happening due to my worrying about the other symptoms.) Moving around can relieve these symptoms.

Legs occasionally involuntarily shake during sleep if I lay on my left or right side with legs bent. Note: My leg must be bent for this shaking to occur and this only happens during sleep or trying to sleep. This happens on average once a night but sometimes more. Shaking is comparable to if you were shaking from anxiety or shivering from the cold. If I refrain sleeping on my right or left side and limit my sleeping positions to only my back or stomach I usually will experience no involuntary shaking or quivering of my legs. I am usually able to prevent these symptoms by sleeping either on my stomach or back. If my legs are shaking or quivering I can make them stop by getting up out of bed and walking around. *I have not experienced these symptoms during the day.* I have experienced and am very prone to anxiety attacks that me shake uncontrollably when I get nervous. This shaking in my legs during sleep is very comparable to the shaking from the anxiety attacks I have experienced.

I have been experiencing fatigue off and on since June 6, 2002. Not muscle fatigue but rather a general tired feeling, like I need to go to bed and go to sleep. I think that this may be due to not getting fully rested because of the symptoms listed above frequently keeping me awake at night. I am still working out regularly (4-6 times per week) and not experiencing any noticeable muscle loss, loss in strength or any unusual weight loss.

Occasional fluttery feeling in my chest and skipped heartbeats. This has happened in the past and I had consulted my previous physician, Dr. Jon R. Miller about this while still under his care. He said that it was due to some type of heart murmur that he couldn't always hear unless it was acting up. It had been over a year since I had one of these episodes and it just recently started up again. I don't always feel nervous when this happens. Probably due to anxiety of worrying about the symptoms listed above.

Sometimes when sitting or lying down I just feel the urge to move my legs even if there is no pain,
Cramping, etc.,

I have taken the supplements prescribed of 1000mg Calcium/1000mg Magnesium daily from June 6, 2002 when I first visited my Family doctor for the "shaking legs" through the present date and have experienced only minor noticeable relief.

I have seen my family doctor for this but he has yet to diagnose me or send me to a neurologist. He just prescribed the Cal/Mag supplement listed above and told me to come back if I didn't get any better.

My doctor doesn't know a whole lot about RLS/PLMD. Can anyone tell me if they have experienced this type of involuntary shaking of the leg or legs when waking or during sleep as I described above?

Any info would be greatly appreciated!


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